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Lolita Shopping: J-Store Berlin

 While it isn’t particularly uncommon to find loliable items in shops that feature a romantic style, or cute home goods at your local Sanrio, finding boutiques that carry items made specifically for lolita fashion outside of Japan can be hard. So of course, you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon items from Taobao and Innocent World at J-Store Berlin!


One of the first things that I do when I find out I’ve been assigned a trip to a new location is look up any shops selling cute goods from Sanrio or San-x. Yes, I know that when you travel you’re supposed to take time to investigate the local culture, history, and cuisine. But let’s be honest – sometimes priorities lie elsewhere and I was itching to get my hands on something cute while I was away from home. Before I reached the city I had a short list of places to visit that sold kawaii goods and gothic fashion, and J-store was at the top since it was closest to my living accommodations. Lucky for me that it was, since I didn’t manage to finish everything I had planned!

The first thing that I noticed while walking to the shop was a sign that said Lolita Fashion on it! Of course I couldn’t resist popping in, and I was absolutely delighted to find a rack of lolita clothing near the back! While Innocent World isn’t my favorite brand, the prints that they had in stock were very lovely in person. They also had a few Gothic & Lolita Bibles available for sale, and a Purikura booth in the back.



Now, I can’t say that the selection that they have available is huge, but I did think that it was a lovely way to start off the day. I ended up purchasing a GLB just fine despite the language barrier! The shop accepts both payments by cash or card (in Euro) and the staff was kind enough to allow me to take a few photos. They also have a small selection of San-x goods, most of which are newer releases than the lolita items they have.

Want to know more about J-Store Berlin? Check out their website and facebook!


Are there any other lolita shops in Berlin? What about in your home town?

Happy Shopping !
– Rosie


One thought on “Lolita Shopping: J-Store Berlin

  1. That’s amazing that they have a store like this! That Purikura booth looks like so much fun!! I wish they had things like this where I live!


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