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10 Travel Tips: Lolita at Disney World!


Late last year Disney announced several changes to their theme park dress code. Among them was a ban on costumes for guests over 10 years of age. Despite this, you can still dress in lolita fashion at the theme parks, but there are a few things you should keep in mind if you choose to do so! Below are 10 tips for the perfect Disney World Lolita vacation!


pink-heart  Dresscode? OTT is OUT. 
Unless you’re planning to skip all of the rides and just take photos, I don’t recommend visiting Disney in your rarest, or most OTT coordinate. This isn’t just because of the new costume rule: While it can and has been done, the added accessories will weigh you down and make it hard to move around the parks on crowded days. Additionally, you are more likely to be mistaken for a park employee if you stand out too much, and other guests might stop you for photographs. If you want to wear lolita to the parks it is better to wear your standard Classic, Gothic, or Sweet lolita outfit, and skip out on any character inspired looks or prints. It is also best to trade out your heels for tea party style flats, and your wigs for natural hair (a friend of mine almost lost her wig on Big Thunder!) You are less likely to be asked to change at the gate, and at the end of the day you’ll be more comfortable without the huge wigs, uncomfortable heels, and extra accessories.

pink-heart  Where Should You Stay? On Property if Possible!
If you live close enough this might not be necessary, but I think that even locals might find it a nice treat to stay on property once in awhile. Though the prices at the nicer resorts might be steep, during the slow seasons you can get a good deal, and being able to use the transportation around the parks is a huge bonus. In addition, you get early access to fastpass and food reservations if you are staying on property, AND you can access the parks for extra-magic hours during your stay!

pink-heart Best Season to Visit? Winter & Early Spring.
While I don’t recommend visiting Walt Disney World in OTT sweet lolita any time of year, trekking about the 4 theme parks can get tedious regardless of how casually you’re dressed during the summer. If you want to wear anything longer than a salopette or mini-skirt, visit Mickey & Company during the winter or early spring. Temperatures are much more bearable, and the crowds are lighter as well!

pink-heart You aren’t an employee, so don’t take photos with other guests!
One of the quickest ways to be escorted out of the parks is to break this rule: Don’t take photos with other park guests. The only time someone from my party was asked to leave was because she took a photograph with a little girl – so don’t risk it! While yes, you’ll probably be able to get back in if you change or head to another park, it isn’t worth risking your pass just to take photographs with strangers.

pink-heart Take the time to plan out your trip before arriving!
Before you reach the Walt Disney World resort, there are a lot of things to get done. You need to purchase tickets, download and set up the My Disney App on your phone, book a hotel, make dining reservations if you want to have dinner at specific restaurants, and pick out the fastpasses for the rides you want to go on twice! All of this might sound daunting, but it is well worth it in the end – you’ll be able to skip the long lines for tickets, you’ll have your fastpasses and dining reservations linked up to your entire party, and you’ll have a basic schedule to follow throughout the day.

pink-heart Visit the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios Early!
All of the parks at the Walt Disney World Resort have opening ceremonies that are entertaining to watch, but that isn’t why I suggest visiting the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios at park open! The reason is simple: If you arrive early the crowds are lighter – even on weekends! This means that you’ll be able to ride your favorite rides multiple times before most people even arrive and then grab an early lunch, skipping lines at both the ride turnstiles and dining room counters.

pink-heart Multi-day or Park Hopper? It depends on your plans.
If you’re planning to visit for longer than one day, a Multi-Day pass is your best option. Overall the price breakdown per day becomes less than if you just buy a ticket at the counter each morning, but I still recommend planning out your trip a bit before you arrive. While it is possible to do all 4 parks in one day, you’ll be missing out on a lot if you do. So instead I recommend the following if you can afford it:
Day 1: Magic Kingdom with Lunch or Dinner at Be Our Guest
Day 2: Tea at the Grand Floridian and Epcot for Dinner
Day 3: Hollywood Studios in the AM and Animal Kingdom after 12.
This plan only requires the park hopper add on for the last day, and if you wanted you could visit Magic Kingdom again for Dinner after Animal Kingdom closes. Personally, I don’t feel that Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom are worth spending an entire day at, but with some of the new attractions coming in 2016, that might change.

pink-heart  Don’t be afraid to take a break during the afternoon!
One of the biggest mistakes many first timers make is overplanning! Don’t be afraid to schedule yourself a nice long lunch to relax or a midday nap to escape the heat! Children aren’t the only ones who throw tantrums at Disney, and forcing yourself to slow down, relax, and enjoy the entire resort (including your hotel!) will make your vacation that more magical!

pink-heart Try Pin Trading!
If you’re a Disney fan, pin trading is an experience not to be missed! The hobby is cheap enough to get started in, with online retailers often selling common pin bundles for cheap. Some of these pins are called “scrapper pins” and are the Disney equivalent to replicas in lolita fashion. If you want to avoid scrapper pins you’ll need to be choosy, so look up reviews before you buy! Once you get to the park though, any cast member with a lanyard will be happy to trade you up to two pins, no questions asked. All you have to do is ask them for a trade, remove (and keep) the back to your pin, and tell them which one you want! If you have a favorite character or movie, this is a great way to collect small souvenirs to match with your coordinates, and it keeps the parks exciting for those who have visited before. :)

pink-heart Drink lots of water, and try the kid’s meals at quick service cafes!
Water is free at most Disney cafes, all you have to do is ask for a cup. This is something many guests don’t know, but almost anywhere that serves food will give you a cup of water for free. Also, if you want to keep your stomach full but your wallet happy, pick a few must visit restaurants (Be Our Guest, Cinderella’s Royal Table, The Grand Floridian Tea Room) and purchase the kid’s meal at quick service stops for the rest of your trip. Not only do these meals come with a substantial amount of food, they are often half the cost of the adult portion.


Do you have any questions about visiting Disney in Lolita? Or do you have tips to share? Let us know in the comments!

Bon Voyage!
– Miss Rosie




One thought on “10 Travel Tips: Lolita at Disney World!

  1. These are really, really great tips!! I was really nervous planning my first Disney trip — but this helps so much! I’ve bookmarked this page for reference! Thank you so much Rosie!


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