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London Calling [Part One]: Camden Lock & Sai Sai


While I know Camden probably doesn’t have a great reputation among alternative fashion enthusiasts, it holds a soft spot in my heart. It is one of my favorite places to visit when I’m in London, despite the huge numbers of tourists who also frequent the location. Camden Lock is something of a Disneyland for those who like gothic fashion – It is something artificial built up from a history that doesn’t seem quite all there anymore. Most of the stalls sell overpriced items you can find on Taobao or Ebay, but there is still something fun about losing yourself in the stables market for an afternoon.

If you’re looking for stompy goth boots, retro dresses, or cyber style clothing, it isn’t hard to find a shop specializing in your tastes. Some of the locations are entirely themed after the clothing they sell, while others are just simple pop up stalls in outdoor markets.


It is pretty easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of it all, but if you have the chance I recommend visiting Irregular Choice shoes and Cyberdog – a Cybergoth shop filled with android sculptures and brightly colored clubwear (Though, if you’re traveling with friends you might want to warn them that the bottom floor is a now a cyber themed sex shop!)

That being said, if you go there looking for lolita items, you’re going to be disappointed. When I was younger there were two small stalls that sold lolita fashion – one was called Angel Pretty which sold terrible knock-offs of Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and the other was called Sai Sai, which carried goth fashion and a few outrageous lace-monsters from GLP Punk.


Since I was a teenager Sai Sai has grown quite a bit, and now has a two story building to house their wares. While most of their items are still goth/punk oriented (and still pretty pricey) they do have a small selection of items available for purchase from Infanta.

Of these items the only one that peaked my interest was the princess sleeved blouse they have, but I have a sneaking suspicion I could get it cheaper online. Regardless, if you’re looking for your lolita fix, this is pretty much the only place in town to find your frills (Angel Pretty has been gone for quite some time now after a fire.)


That said, if you’re a lolita looking for cute things, there are other places in town to visit! Stay tuned for my next post about ARTBOX, a cute shop in London that carries the latest plushies and homegoods from San-X and Sanrio! :)

As always, are there any lolita shops close to where you live? Or places that sell cute goods? If so, let me know!

Thanks for reading!
– Miss Rosie


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