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OOTD & Surprise Meetup Report! San Francisco Bay Area Lolitas!

Bert 1556bow-handmade-by-me

So, the other day the strangest thing happened to me. I was in San Francisco, and I stumbled upon a lolita meetup! My day started out debating between two coordinates – one was a dress I just got and really wanted to wear, but the coordinate was so-so, and the other was one of my absolute favorite series – Cream Cookie Collection! I decided to go with the tried and true CCC coordinate, and after getting dressed and taking a few outfit shots, I headed over to Angelic Pretty San Francisco!

Bert 1464

When I got to AP I poked around the store, but nothing much caught my fancy. After admiring the new Dreamy Jewel series for awhile I made my final purchases and decided to head over to Japantown to see if Baby the Stars Shine Bright would be having a sale. I hadn’t read anything online about it, but in past years they’ve had New Years sales, so I was hopeful!

Now, if you travel in San Francisco you know that cabs can be prohibitively expensive, and the distance between AP SF and BTSSB SF can take you through some sketchy areas. There is a bus that you can take for really cheap, but I didn’t have a lot of time to kill that day so I decided to use UBERpool! And to my surprise, when I answered the driver’s call, he said “Oh, are you going to the meetup too?”

As it would turn out, there was another lolita in the car, and she was headed to the Sanfrancisco Lolita Community meetup! What crazy luck!


Since we were both going to the New People building, I decided to tag along, and I got to meet about 15 people from the SF community! It was a really wonderful time. We all went shopping at BTSSB for their New Year’s Sale, and then had lunch and dessert at the Japan Town pavilion markets.

After poking around the little shopping center and eating, the two of us split off and went to have tea at the Crown and Crumpet tea room in the New People Building. I honestly didn’t think I could eat anymore by the time we got there, so I ended up taking most of it in a box home. Delicious!

Bert 1543

Overall, it was easily one of my favorite adventures, and one of my favorite trips to San Francisco. It was really nice to meet the local community there, and I hope I get to hang out with them again soon. pink-heart


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