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365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge Week 1: Museums & Wishlists

So, as I mentioned, for the most part I’ll be doing most of the 365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenges as a weekly segment since it isn’t actually possible for me to blog every single day! That said, onto this week’s challenges!


Day 2

Look up a list of museums in your area.

Well, I hate to be that person, but I really don’t enjoy going to museums. I know that many meetups are centered around this, and I think that it can be fun if an exhibit aligns with your interests. But for the most part, museums don’t strike up the same wonder and magic for me that many of my friends talk about.

That being said, there are a few museums that I’d eventually like to visit/revisit.

purple-heart  The Morbid Anatomy Museum in New York
purple-heart  The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose
purple-heart  The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta
purple-heart  Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco
purple-heart  Horror Film Museum at the Stanley Hotel (when it opens?) in Colorado.


Day 3

Memorize a friends Lolita Wishlist

Most of my friends didn’t send me one! XD but as of now I’ll be keeping an eye out for these items. :)


That’s all for now! The rest of this week’s challenges require a bit more time and effort, so I’ll be working on them over the weekend. <3
Thanks for reading!


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