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London Calling [Part 2]: ARTBOX

So, as I mentioned in my last post about shopping in London, the only place that carries lolita clothing is Sai Sai in Camden town. But don’t despair my darlings, if you’re looking for cute, ARTBOX is an affordable answer to your desires!


Bert 035

I stumbled upon Artbox for the first time in Camden Town (along with Sai Sai and Angel Pretty) when I was younger. I was disappointed to see that it no longer existed when I went back last year,  and so I decided to see what Google could turn up for me. As it would happen, Artbox simply moved to a larger (and perhaps more family friendly?) location.

Inside you can find character goods from San-x, Sanrio, and Qlica, along with other popular plush characters from UFO catchers. Along with Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty, you can find a good selection of Sentimental Circus, Sumikko Gurashi and Gudetama items as well!

Bert 031Bert 1382

My favorite area of the store (outside of bath goods and stationary…) is the giant wall of plushies! They have a smaller section near the cash register as well with cellphone charms, but this area is my favorite. Some of the sizes they have are so impractical (and that more delightful!) that it makes me want one just to spite myself. I also like that they seem to update their stock seasonally – these two photos were taken about 3 months apart, and as you can see quite a bit has changed.


I love cute plushies, stationary and homegoods! What about you? Do you have a favorite way of decorating your home? Are you a fan of character goods? Is it easy to find your favorite decorations or characters in your local area?

Happy Shopping!


2 thoughts on “London Calling [Part 2]: ARTBOX

  1. I get completely crazy with plushies! I have a problem! They’re taking over. I even buy them for my cats. I especially love the Amuse plushies.


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