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This week from Angelic Pretty: British Bear Make to Order!


So, last night Angelic Pretty made a surprising announcement just a few hours before launching a British Bear make to order release! I am really happy about this because I was in Tokyo when this was released, and I had number 179 in Harajuku, and the Shinjuku store had started turning people away long before that! Personally I want the headbows and one of the cute little bears, but I’m not sure what colorway of the JSK I prefer! This is a really cute series, and I feel like the pairing of the teddybears with the tartan background is a nice way to make what could be a typically more childish print feel more elegant. bunny-made-by-me


For this series make to order the OP, JSK, Skirt, Tights, Headbows and two bear pochettes will be available for purchase in the 4 original colors – red, blue, green and white. Orders must be placed in the next 4 days (Dec 10 – 14 in Japan) and will arrive in June.


Well darlings, what are you planning to get? This series is absolutely lovely, and it was a difficult original release! I am so happy that 2015 started this MTO trend for AP, and I definitely hope it continues into 2016!

– Rosie




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