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Cute Food Report: Pizza Planet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Last weekend I decided to head over to Hollywood Studios in a casual lolita outfit inspired by the LGM in Disney’s Toy Story. Since I was all dressed up I headed over to Pizza Planet! I’d only been inside once before to take a few photos, so this time, despite it’s reputation, I decided to give the food a chance. bunny-made-by-me



Rating: stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me
Disney has quite a few themed cafes, but I feel like the majority of them miss out on a opportunity to directly use the source material. Pizza Planet is no different. In the film Pizza Planet has a very cute retro-futuristic feel, and the entry is guarded by two Pizza weilding robots.

Disney’s Pizza Planet looks quite… normal, in comparison. In fact, out of all the themed cafes around the Disney campus, this one is one of the most difficult to find, since it is no where near the Pixar area, and instead hangs out around the Muppets lot.


The inside of Pizza Planet is cute enough, with several murals featuring the logo and scenes from the movie.  The condiments section and ATM have themed decorations, and there are a few Little Green Men floating around the ceiling.  There are also a few rows of arcade games scattered about, but unlike in the film they are located in the dining area. Yay, running children, screaming and tons of loud noises and flashing lights while eating! My favorite! For those of you hoping: there aren’t any alien themed claw machines available either.dust-by-me

Like most Disney restaurants, Pizza Planet is a Quick Service option for families looking for an easy place to grab a bite between attractions. This means you’ll place an order and then queue up at the counter to collect it, and head into the main dining area to try and find seating.


If you’re looking for a quieter space to sit, I would suggest heading upstairs. I didn’t notice an elevator (though I’d be surprised if there isn’t one since the restrooms are upstairs…) so I think most of the families with small children and strollers stay in the arcade area for convience sake. Personally I thought the mural with the LGM on the wall was cute, and located in a nice spot for people watching.

The only thing that might put me off was the dead-eyed stare of this floating Little Green Man. This is a character that I think is really cute in the film, and I don’t understand how Disney created these little monsters and thought “Yep! Perfect Match!” before stringing them up everywhere.



Food & Menu


Rating: stardust-moon-by-me

Since this is Pizza Planet, Pizza is the primary food of choice. Pictured above is my meal, a personal Meat Lover’s pizza with a ceasar salad and drink. They also have a Cheese Pizza, Vegetable Pizza, and Sub available, and kid sized options for those of you hoping to save a few bucks. Drinks include soda, water, juice, beer, and sangria. The only themed item they had on the menu was a drink called “The Claw,” but since it was an 11.99 alcoholic drink, I decided against it.

The food was mediocre at best. The ceasar salad was fine, and the lettuce was crisp instead of soggy. The pizza itself was really tough on the outside and undercooked in the middle, and the sauce wasn’t particularly spectacular. You get a lot of food for the price, but it is also hard to finish such a large amount. If you’re really hungry this should do the trick since it is pretty heavy, but I wouldn’t eat here if you have reservations somewhere else for dinner.


Overall Impression


Ratings: stardust-moon-by-me

While I had fun running around Disney in my LGM coordinate, I don’t think I’ll be dining at Pizza Planet again anytime soon. I seriously feel that Disney missed out on an great opportunity when they decided to skip out on the source material and opted for a few poorly made aliens and murals for ambience. Pizza Planet isn’t anything close to the restaurant from the film, and fans will be disappointed. The soggy in the middle pizza isn’t a draw either, and like most quick service spots the space is crowded and loud. If you decide to do a Toy Story Disneybound coordinate there are better areas to take a few photoshoots, so my recommendation is to leave this spot for the kids.


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