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An*tai*Na Vs. Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes



I think that in order to have a well rounded wardrobe it is really important to purchase shoes specifically for lolita, especially if you wear sweet lolita. A nice pair of shoes can pull an outfit together beautifully, but a dumpy pair can ruin the entire aesthetic.

Buying shoes in lolita can be tough, and with all the options out there it is hard to know what option is the best for someone’s budget. It used to be that Secret Shop, Antaina and Bodyline shoes were differently priced, but these days the cost ends up being just a few dollars difference. There are those who swear off wearing shoes from Angelic Pretty or Baby the Stars Shine Bright because of quality issues, but the shoes I’ve owned from those brands have held up well over the years. My primary issue is that for the most part, even the largest of shoes from my favorite shops just don’t fit. dust-by-me

While this doesn’t necessarily limit the selection of shoes available to me, it does limit the available designs that I feel appealing. For the longest time I really disliked tea party style shoes in favor of old-school platforms, but after getting sick a few years ago I needed shoes that were comfortable and lightweight, so I broke down and bought a few pairs. Since then it is nearly impossible to get Secret Shop shoes in my size anymore, and after my favorite pink tea parties broke down I purchased the last pair I could find. Around that time I also purchased a pair from An*Tai*Na since the navy Secret Shop ones were out of stock, and now that I’ve worn them out I’d like to do a short review! bunny-made-by-me



Secret Shop Rating (Pink): stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me
Antaina Rating (Navy): stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me
As far as appearance goes, I’d have to say that the Secret Shop Shoes are a better match to the originals by Angelic Pretty. If you take a close look at the toe box they are slightly rounder, and the bows and straps are more properly proportioned. This is especially noticable with the bows on the front, the center piece on the Secret Shop shoes is much larger, and and the bow itself has a better and larger shape then those from Antaina. The insides of the shoes are also nearly identical to that of Angelic Pretty, with the only noticable difference being the words Secret Shop in the heel’s logo. The antaina shoes do have a cute lining, but because of the shorter strap length (more on that later) you might find them wearing out a bit more quickly.


There are some differences from the back as well. If you take a close look at the heel area you’ll notice that on the Secret Shop Shoes the bows are once again in better proportion, and the back area has a ring of black along with the brown. On the Antaina shoes this is not the case, however you do have to request the brown area along the heel or you might end up with an all black heel.


One of the things that I find most annoying about the Antaina Shoes is that the ankle strap is siginificantly shorter than the one from Secret Shop. This coupled with the fact that the loop that holds the ankle strap in place is shorter than that of the Secret Shop shoes means that the strap is placed directly around my ankle bone instead of right above it, and digs in uncomfortably while I walk. The same is true about the cross straps along the front of the shoes, which means that (from past experience) the lining is liable to wear out a bit more quickly.

bow-handmade-by-meComfort & Durability

12107205_1474842922823366_8502741257582081237_n (1)    12540954_1500463130261345_1783185742073452162_n

Secret Shop Rating (Pink): stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me
Antaina Rating (Navy): stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me

In both of these photos I was wearing over the knee tights and no insoles with my tea party shoes. I have to say that in terms of comfort the Secret Shop shoes are better than the Antaina shoes, but they aren’t as comfortable as other shoes I’ve owned. Both pairs could use insoles, but I feel that in the case of the Antaina shoes, I would have to go up another size in order to be able to fit my toes in comfortably with them due to the tightness of the ankle straps.

Secret Shop Rating (Pink): stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me
Antaina Rating (Navy): stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me

I think that durability is where the Antaina shoes really beat out those from Secret Shop. In the three years since I bought my first pair of Secret Shop shoes I’ve had one pair lose the bows on the toe, another pair have the heel come loose, and my favorite pair in pink crack along the sole of the shoe. I’ve owned a few pairs of other shoes from Antaina and they’re still going strong five years after my purchase. Some of this may have to do with frequency of wear during the summer (heat and rain), but at certain points I’ve worn both the set from Antaina and from Secret Shop daily, and the Antaina ones definitely held up better.

bow-handmade-by-meOverall Opinion

Secret Shop Rating (Pink): stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me
Antaina Rating (Navy): stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me

I think that there are pros and cons to each shoe – the comfort and design is better for the shoes from Secret Shop, but they don’t last quite as long as those from Antaina. In the long run it depends more on if you’re willing to sacrifice appearance and potentially modify the shoes from Antaina (longer straps?) instead of replacing your Secret Shop pair every few years. Personally I prefer the Secret Shop shoes and would really appreciate the opportunity to purchase a few more colors in their 3L size, but because most of their overseas distributers are no longer around it doesn’t look like I’ll have the option again in the future. dust-by-me So until then, I guess I’m stuck ordering from Antaina, since my experience with Bodyline shoes hasn’t been so great either.

What is your favorite shoe company? Do they make shoes for sizes larger than 25 cm? If so, please pass on your recommendations!



One thought on “An*tai*Na Vs. Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes

  1. Unfortunaly, 3L choose aren’t available in other colors than red and black on Clobbaonline – at the moment. Martin told me that large sized Secret Shop shoes aren’t going to be available “anytime time soon” because the latest batch didn’t have any…..
    I never had any lolita (or cute) shoes because of my big feet (25,5, EU 40) and it looks like Antaina is my only option at the moment too…

    Thank you for this article! :)


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