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Cute Food Report: The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

If you are planning a trip to Tokyo Disneyland, I would strongly recommend a trip to the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall for lunch or dinner. While there are a lot of other places you can choose for snacks or meals, the detail put into the food and decor at the Banquet Hall puts most American Disney Restaurants to shame.



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Out of all the places I’ve visited for lunch at a Disney theme park, The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall is easily one of the most whimsical and delightfully detailed quick service spots I’ve been to. While the lighting inside is a bit dim for photos, everything from the entrance to the kitchen and dining hall are ornately decorated as scenes from the film. Even the light sconces and tables have trump or heart motifs!
We were lucky enough to go to Tokyo Disneyland on a slow day, and since we were the first people in line to be served we were able to take a quick video of the entry & queue! It is a bit hard to tell since my friend was bouncing around in the line, but as we entered the kitchen all of the cast members greeted us! It definitely made the experience more memorable, and it was easy to believe that the staff might really be part of the Queen’s kitchen.


Food & Menu

Rating: stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me
For my meal I picked the seafood platter and a orange roll for dessert. Unlike Stateside Disney, Tokyo Disneyland has a variety of japanese soft drinks available, so I got apple tea soda. If you prefer American sodas, I believe they have Coke and Diet Coke available.
The seafood platter comes with a heart shaped croquette, a fried shrimp, a fish fillet, and some fruit salad with broccoli. All of it tasted delicious, especially the croquette and shrimp!
For dessert I had the sweet orange roll. The roll cake was nice and spongey, and as you can see from above there was a sweet orange slice topped with cream and a white chocolate ace of hearts card. I thought it was really cute, and best of all it came with a beautiful souvenir plate!
One of the things that I really appreciate about Tokyo Disney (and most shops in Japan) is their attention to detail. Unlike the American parks, any souvenir items will come already bubble wrapped, or in this case, with your food separated by a cover or cup. This means you can pop your gift in your bag without worrying about crumbs, syrup, or anything sticky ruining your other items. :)


Overall Impression

Ratings: stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me

As I mentioned above, out of all the Disney restaurants, the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall is one of my absolute favorites (rivaled only by Be Our Guest at Disney World!)  But, on top of that, I feel like it is by far one of the best Alice cafes as well. While there are quite a few Alice cafes in Tokyo (more reviews on that later!) and they are pretty cute and tasty, I felt like because this version had the ability to use the licensed Disney content, it offered a unique perspective that is missing from the other venues.  In general the food is delicious, the venue’s appearance is overwhelmingly impressive and detailed, and if you are a fan of the Disney version, it offers an atmosphere that isn’t matched at any of the other parks I’ve visited. If you have the opportunity I would strongly recommend a trip!
Do you have any cute food venues near by? Or an Alice cafe that you feel would be a fun place to visit? Please let me know! bunny-made-by-me
– Rosie

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