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This Week in Angelic Pretty: Magic Princess



Last night Angelic Pretty’s newest series Magic Princess was released! I was not 100% about this series because I really love the theme, I LOVE staffs and scepters, and the colors are so beautiful! But, is this really the style I’m aiming for? I’m just not really sure. So as of right now, my opinion is stuck. dust-by-me

There are two JSK cuts, both of which have ample amounts of shirring and would fit a plus size lolita! I adore the round JSK cut, but the fit for me might be a bit revealing. The Napoleon JSK is also adorable – I love the epaulettes and the chain detailing in the front. I also am really happy tos ee that this series is made of chiffon, because it means it will travel well and is a durable material!


Personally, for the Napoleon JSK, I think that the yellow and sax are the best colorways. The contrast is lovely, and the gold blends in really well. However, I don’t own a lot of either of these colors, and I feel like the pink is a nicer colorway than the lavender. I do wish that the chest ribbon was a contrasting color, like in the other two colorways though. bunny-made-by-me

For some reason though, this series does not seem popular at all. As of right now, the only JSK sold out is the yellow round JSK. I think that in the future it’s popularity might go up, because of the magical girl theme. But who knows? From what I’ve seen in recent years, OTT has really gotten out there, but classic, gothic, and more casual styles seem to be getting a lot of attention as well.

What do you think about this series? I’m pretty torn, like I said. I just can’t decide! bunny-made-by-me



One thought on “This Week in Angelic Pretty: Magic Princess

  1. This is s print series I’d love to own in the future! The fact that it had not instantly sold out made me feel SUPER tempted to buy one of the JSK’s. I’m unable to buy during this time period, but I’m really hoping I could get my hands on this dress later on.


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