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Cute Food Report: Kawaii Monster Cafe!



Launched a few months before last Halloween, the Kawaii Monster cafe is a bright and colourful place to enjoy a delicious meal. Designed by 6% Doki Doki’s Sebastian Masuda, the restaurant features his trademark quirky style. If you have the chance to swing by, I’d strongly recommend visiting. The staff is fantastic, and the venue provides a cool, creepy, and whimiscal style. bunny-made-by-me





Rating: stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me

If there is one thing that the Kawaii Monster Cafe gets right, it is the atmosphere! From the moment you step in line, KMC is bright, colorful, and intricately detailed. You enter the restaurant through the monster’s mouth, and inside his stomach are seperate dining venues, each with their own theme. So far I’ve had the opportunity to sit in the Mel-Tea (Macarons) room and the Milk Bar room (Sheep & Horse Heads?!). When you enter the cast member who leads you to your seat will go over the rules with you – you are not allowed to leave your room for photos, except next to the Sweets-Go-Round. Otherwise, they want you to stay in your room, so you don’t disturb the other customers.

The cast members uniforms are quite cute as well and if you go on a Saturday, you’ll get the opportunity to meet the Monstergirl mascots. Every hour or so there is a show (saturdays only) where the Monstergirls dance and ride the Sweets Go Round, and then you can take photos with them.



The only thing that is kind of a bummer is that because of the dim lighting, it is pretty hard to get any good photos. However, the last time I went was on a Tuesday, and no one was around. The staff was fine with me taking a few video clips, so please enjoy the video tour of the cafe!



Food & Menu


Rating: stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me

Surprisingly, the food at the Kawaii Monster Cafe is pretty good. I have to give it 3 stars however, because I think that the desserts could use some work, but the actual meals are filling and worthwhile.


The menu is basically a large ipad inside of a cake casing. It is pretty cute, but isn’t particularly functional. After you’ve decided what you want, a staff member will come to take your order, so it isn’t as though it just automatically places the order for you. I think it is good to keep it this way, since there is more interaction with the staff and less of a chance of order mix-ups.

Both times I’ve gone, I’ve gotten the popcorn shrimp and fries. The first time I went with a friends and we got the combo platter to share, which has extra sandwhiches. The second time I just got the shrimp, since it was tasty enough on it’s own. Most of the meals come with a colorful set of dipping sauces that remind me of an artists pallette- catsup, honey mustard, a green sauce (IDK honestly), cheese sauce and mayo!

I decided to try a different drink each time, both of which were good. Personally I liked the fruit tea a bit more than the strawberry milkshake – but that is just a personal preference. I’d recommend both to anyone who was curious.

I only got dessert once while I was here, and while it is SUPER CUTE and good for photos, it didn’t taste good to me at all. The sauce is very milky and not sweet at all, and while I liked the icecream and strawberries, the consistancy of everything else was unpleasant. The second time I went I decided I’d hold off on dessert, and just get a crepe later. If you are in the mood for some icecream, I’d just order one of their small cups. They taste alright, and are basically the same as the cute pancake stack, but taste a lot better. Otherwise, save your cash for some crepes in Harajuku.


Overall Impression


Rating: stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me

Out of all the theme cafes in Tokyo, I feel that the Kawaii Monster Cafe is easily one of the best. The service is fantastic, the lunch meals are filling and delicious, and the decor is not to be missed! After a long afternoon of shopping in Harajuku, it is the perfect place to set down your bags and rest while surrounded by a colourful and fun atmosphere. As long as desserts aren’t a priority, I’d strongly recommend popping in for a nice afternoon break.




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