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Cute Food Report: Sweets around Tokyo Disney!


So, for today’s post I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the sweets that you can find around Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo Disney Sea! There are of course others that will vary by season and festival, but as far as I’ve noticed these sweets should be available year round. cat-by-mepurple-heart


Mochi Dumpling Icecream (Scrumplings and Grumplings!)

Rating: stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me
Disneyland Location: Tomorrowland (Scrumplings)
Disneysea Location: (Grumplings) Kiosk in front of Pixarland

I put these little guys first because they are absolutely my favorite treat at either of the Tokyo Disney locations. These are little mochi that are stuffed with a custard – either chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. I really love their cute little faces, and they come in cute souviner cups! I especially recommend these during the summer, because they are very refreshing and light to carry. bunny-made-by-me



Mickey & Minnie Waffles

Rating: stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me
Disneyland Location: Mainstreet Cafe

I am pretty sure that Minnie and Mickey waffles are available at stateside Disneys, but I decided to add them in here since I’d never had them before. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that I’d care for a waffle without syrup, but these are delicious! Mine was the strawberry and cream one, and the flavor was wonderful. Additionally, the texture of the waffle was nice and crispy at the edge and soft in the center, and the whip cream was nice and fluffy instead of light. Definitely a good snack after running around all day!



Mike’s Melon Bread

Rating: stardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-mestardust-moon-by-me
Disneyland Location: Mainstreet Cafe

I like melon bread, I like Monster’s Inc, and I like this Monster’s Inc themed Melon Bread. I just don’t like it as much as I like the waffles or mochi. There isn’t anything wrong with it, it is quite tasty and has a good texture. But, there isn’t anything really special about it, except for it’s cute little face. I think it is a good treat, but if given a choice, I’d probably have another waffle.


What are your favorite Disney treats? Are there any that are unique to your nearest Disney? Let me know in the comments!



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