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This week in Angelic Pretty: Luminous Sanctuary

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Last year Angelic Pretty released Luminous Sanctuary, and it was so popular that it got a second release! Personally I am pretty happy about this, but I don’t think I’ll be buying any of them. I love the print, and the dress cuts, but the overlay on the JSK is not detachable, and I really wish there was a lavender or pink instead of a black. There is also only a bonnet and no headbow, which is such a bummer! dust-by-me

That being said, I know that this is a pretty popular release and I hope that everyone is able to get what they want. Hopefully it won’t sell out in minutes and will hang around a bit like the Castle Mirage and Dolly Cat Re-releases! Personally, I love the new willingness for make-to-order and re-release items, since it has been very hard to keep up with all of the Angelic Pretty releases over the last 2 years! When I first started wearing lolita, there was 1 big release a  month, and now it can be 4-5! Just impossible, really. bunny-made-by-me

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