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Day 14: Choose 5 Words that Determine your Lolita Style

So, I think it’s a bit obvious I haven’t kept up with the 365 challenges like I wanted to. But the fact of the matter is, quite a few of the prompts just don’t appeal to me. When I saw the first post I assumed that the challenges would be somehow directly related to lolita – which doesn’t seem to be the case. Many of them focus on things that many lifestyle lolitas include in their daily life, but honestly I’ve always felt that this can be a bit pretentious if you weren’t into these things originally. I don’t have a problem with people genuinely investigating other hobbies or activities that are tangentally related to the fashion, but I also don’t think that going to museums or baking cookies makes a person more lolita. Wearing the fashion is what makes someone a lolita, not an in depth knowledge of lace production or classic novels.

That being said, there are a few prompts that I do like, so when I get the chance I’ll work on those posts. I saw this one today and thought it would be a nice challenge! stardust-moon-by-me



bunny-made-by-me Feminine – Obviously lolita fashion is feminine, but I feel there are ways to do things in the fashion that emphasize the substyle instead of the wearer. For example, I think you can really make an outfit punk or gothic which lends itself to a certain edge that isn’t necessarily focused on femininity. I like for my style to be light and airy (chiffon!!) and colored primarily with pastels. I also prefer to wear lighter, feminine makeup instead of heavy or overly colorful styles.

stardust-moon-by-me Soft – I think this goes along with the feminine word pretty well – my style is very soft and sweet instead of hard or edgy. I think the most edgy thing I do in lolita fashion is use garters to keep my socks up, and even then I prefer the type with lots of lace to the ones with spikes and metal rings. Since I am a round person, I think this style suits me better than anything too edgy – I want to look like I belong on a cloud, not a rock concert.

cat-by-me Whimsical – There is something about lolita that makes me feel like I don’t really belong here when I’m wearing it – that I’m just visiting, or that I got trapped in a drab city by mistake. The soft colours, details, and overall feel of the outfit in contrast to the modern, dreary cities I visit… it makes me feel like something magical is waiting.

dust-by-me Delicate – For wandering around town, or shopping in a new city, I like to wear things that are light and comfortable, with cute lace details and elegant lines. Most likely I’ll be picking a chiffon dress and blouse combo, or perhaps something with a cute lacey sweater – not anything over the top or uncomfortable.

purple-heart Dramatic –  For conventions or other big events I really like to try and create a dramatic style. Usually I try to go for a more royal or powerful look, with big scepters, crowns, and sashes to push the outfit into a more over the top style.

What about you? What are the top 5 words you’d use to describe your style? Do any of these fit you as well?



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