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This week (and last month…) in Angelic Pretty: Baked Sweets Parade

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Last month I was a bit busy, and it seemed like quite a few of the releases were either re-releases (Luminous Sanctuary & Shadow Dream Carnival) or non-print items that didn’t really peak my attention. Honestly, this works out fine for me since I didn’t feel desperate to get my paws on anything specific – but there is one print I want to talk a bit about (seeing that it’s being released again tomorrow at AP USA!) and that is Angelic Pretty’s new Baked Sweets Parade!



When this series was announced last year, particularly when the images of the mint colorway came out, I was absolutely in love! Look at how adorable Kimura U looks in the OP! The mint is a perfect mix of blue and green! Those dounts are precious!


But then, Angelic Pretty released the cuts and colorways, and I began to feel a bit let-down. To begin with, they decided to make this a JSK cut without detachable straps. I have to absolutely adore a print in order to purchase an item like this, because it means that I’ll have to alter the item in order for it to fit me.bow-handmade-by-me

And then, the other issue that I have is the size and styling of the donuts on the JSK cut. I feel like on the OP, the donuts look cute and proportionate, but with the detailing around the bust on the JSK, suddenly it feels a bit cluttered? And the pink/beige colorways aren’t nearly as cute as they were for Melty Cream Donuts! I’m reminded quite a bit of the older ETC donut dress. which never really struck my fancy.

That being said, I’m still quite fond of the series, and I have the feeling that in person it will be quite lovely. My favorites are the OP in Mint or Yellow, but if I decide to buy something it will have to be a JSK. I’m still a bit torn about purchasing  due to the pesky strap situation, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

Good Luck and Happy Shopping!
– Rosie Darling



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