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This Week in Angelic Pretty: Antoinette Decoration


While Angelic Pretty has created a number of lovely prints this year, none of them have really peaked my interest. Yes, the seashell print was very cute but it seemed a rehash of last years run, as did the cherries, strawberries, and stars that we’ve seen in recent weeks. Everything is brightly coloured, but the changes we’ve been seeing this season have been more to do with embellishments and cuts than thematically across prints. And unfortunately, many of the new cuts are not ones that I personally feel are particularly flattering on my body type.

That being said, I am enthusiastically waiting for this week’s release, Antoinette Decoration! FINALLY! bunny-made-by-me




As I mentioned, the other prints of this season, while cute, have not really peaked my interest. This one is also a return to previous motifs – Memorial Cake, Salon de la Rose – but the detail is absolutely amazing. The cakes, macaron towers, ribbons, bows, lace, and wallpaper, all of it is intricately detailed and just visually overwhelming. I’m absolutely in love with every bit of it, and while I prefer the Mint or Pink, I’d be thrilled to own any of the colorways.


pop (1)

The first images from this series showed an absolutely astonishing OTT gown, complete with headdress, fan, and Matching Ouji Accessory. Anyone looking at this dress would assume it to be expensive, but I honestly had sticker shock when I saw the announcement for the 15th Anniversary Premium Dress collection. 192,200 yen? While I’m sure there are those who can afford it, one of them I am not.



I was feeling pretty disappointed since that pricepoint pushed this print far out of my budget, but a few months later these scans were released. If you really love the artwork on this dress, these cuts provide a better opportunity to display it, but they are also quite OTT and unique when compared to other Angelic Pretty series. I’m not really sure how I feel about them as of yet, and while I see some amazing potential for intricate coordinates, I do think that each cut has it’s own benefits and flaws.


The announcement for the series has finally been put up, and it is expected to release this weekend! If you prefer high waisted, or more full skirted silhouettes, then I would recommend the regular jumperskirt. If you do not mind a narrower skirt, or a slimmer silhouette, then I would suggest the bustier option. And, of course, if you want something that is easily dressed up, but not so easily dressed down, then the OP is your option. For me, the high waisted option would usually be my go-to, but the fact that there seems to be a second print layer under the first is something that really bothers me. While I’ll be more than happy to settle for my second choice, for now I’ll be adding the bustier cut to my wishlist!

What about you? Are there any prints that you’ve been dying to get your fingers on this season? Are you more interested in the fall/winter collection images that are starting to surface? Let me know!

– Rosie


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