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Event Report: Under The Sea Tea Party & Snaps

Last month I had the opportunity to go to Under The Sea with my friend Mira. We arranged everything pretty last minute (including our coordinates) but we had a fantastic time!

Under The Sea was hosted by the wonderful folks from Street Fashion Europe. It was a two day event with multiple fashion shows, vendors spaces, panels and a very lavish tea party.

Originally I had been planning to wear my Marine Kingdom coordinate from a few years ago, but my staff and crown broke in transit. I tried to repair both, but unfortunately the glue I had took too long cure. Instead I decided to wear my afterparty dress on the first day, and I tried to spice it up a bit with the accessories I had for my tea party outfit.

Despite arriving a day early, I ended up poking around the city after visiting the vendors room. It was an interesting layout, with vendors arranged around the entrance and balcony of the main rooms, and a large theatre space for the other events. I had been planning on seeing the Kimura U fashion show and the History of Lolita Panel in the afternoon, but it was so warm that I became exhausted quite quickly. I did catch the end of the Kimono fashion show, which was quite lovely!

The venues were amazing, but because of the time of year it was a bit humid and hot. I stayed at the Tropen Hotel next to the venue and had to purchase a tiny fan since there wasn’t even a ceiling fan for ventilation. Most of the buildings were similar throughout the city so I would recommend investigating this if you are sensitive to the heat!

The next day was the tea party so I wore my Mercator’s Antique Shop coordinate. Mercator was a map maker, and since the dress has quite a collection of treasures on it, I decided to go with an explorer theme.

As you can see, there were quite a few people in attendance! While there were some sweet lolitas, I would say that for the most part people were dressed in classic style. Many outfits reminded me of moderninzed versions of what might have been worn to a royal ball – where the theme was most heavily present in the accessories instead of as a print.

That being said, this girls coordinate was my favorite! I love how she layered the two dresses, and I absolutely adore her seashell crown!! I definitely want to attempt something like this in the future ! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

The tea setup was quite cute as well! Everyone recieved a keychain, some stickers, and a postcard. There was also a social game, where you had to find the other half of a print name that a different person had. I was lucky that the girl who was my partner knew the print, and since we were the third group we won some candies! (Which I greedily ate before photographing :_:)

The tea itself was absolutely delicious! While I was a bit surprised at the size of the meal, each bit of it was AMAZING. Additionally, there was a new tea served for each course. Usually I am really picky about my meals and I don’t really care for fancier foods, but I enjoyed every single thing served.

After tea there was a raffle. My number was 561, and Mira had 516. Most of the Americans were in the smaller room with us, and any time someone from our room would win something everyone cheered wildly. It was a lot of fun, and made it even more exciting when Mira won a dress set!!

Honestly, I didn’t think things could get any better, but then the designer from Juliette et Justine picked Mira as her favorite coordinate. I was so happy, and Mira hadn’t even noticed her walk over to pick her, so the look of shock on her face was adorable! It was like watching a scene out of a movie!

After all of the excitement we went out to take some photographs, and I got to meet Rosalynn! We have talked online and I read her blog quite a bit but this was my first time meeting her in person! She was one of the event organizers and I know she worked super hard so I really appreciate her taking the time to chat with me!

If you want to know what goes into an event like this, I would recommend checking out her video! It also has a lot of footage from the first day!

Overall I had a wonderful time and I definately plan on attending more events hosted by Street Fashion Europe if I can! Being surrounded by so many amazing lolitas was inspiring and the event itself was well run and very organized. The vibe was different than what you’ll find at a convention with lolita content, or even American lolita events like Frill or Rufflecon; but if you have the opportunity to travel I would strongly recommend it. It was really nice to catch up with old friends and make some new ones along the way!


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