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This Week in Angelic Pretty: Aquarium Carnival

This week photos of the long awaited Aquarium Carnival series appeared as Angelic Pretty announced the release date! 

I’m a little bit disappointed with these cuts, truth be told. They are just so different from what I was expecting! Another high waisted cut with really long tails on the ribbons, a regular cut with a double overskirt, and a pretty normal looking OP. I was really looking forward to something closer to the fashion show looks, the asymmetrical designs, the off the shoulder sleeves! All fit for a mermaid princess! 

Also, where is the lovely mint colorway?! I’m hoping for a special set release or something. 

The print itself features clamshells, pearls and dolphins – a very cute and unique combination. While I do like the print, and I feel like the high waisted cut will be flattering, I’ll personally be waiting to see if a mint special set version is released.

If you want to try your hand, the series is available starting this saturday Tokyo time. Good luck!

– Rosie


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