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Adventures in Paris: Arrival & Angelic Pretty Shop Opening !

Last month Angelic Pretty announced that they would be hosting a tea party in honor of their new shop opening in Paris! Because the news was so short notice I grabbed as many extra shifts as I could, and a few weeks later my three coordinates were crammed into a carry on bag and we were off to see the Eiffel tower!bunny-made-by-me


Day One: Arrival

I arrived at Charles Du Gaulle fairly early, so I took the opportunity to finish some last minutes errands before heading into the city. If you have the time, I strongly recommend this approach when travelling, since it will allow you to get everything lined up so that you can have a stress free trip.

I ended up spending about an hour  changing money, chasing down a pocket wifi and picking up Disney tickets and a weekly transportation pass. If you are planning to go overseas and don’t want to rent a mobile or pick up a SIM card, I’d recommend looking into a pocket wifi unit. Not only can you easily get around the city, you’ll be able to stay in contact with friends and family from the moment you leave the airport. You can pick one up (along with entertainment tickets and transportation passes) at the tourism information desks in arrivals at terminal 1, and concourse 2D in terminal 2. 

One I finished, I called an Uber to take me to my accommodations in Montmartre!

After dropping my bags off at the apartment I went out into the city to try and familiarize myself with the area. Montmartre is absolutely lovely, with a many cute cafes and lovely churches. It is quite far from all of the lolita shopping, so I am happy I stayed here or I might not have ever visited. I ended up at a cute Boba tea shop called O’bubbles, where I was able to sit and enjoy my meal for several hours undisturbed.

Cafe culture in Paris is quite nice in this way. If you are American and you see the drink prices, you may be a little bit surprised at how high they are compared to back home. However, in Paris (and most of Europe?) servers are paid properly and do not have to rely on tips, which means that you can go and drink some coffee for a few hours while enjoying your favorite book in peace. It is quite a nice experience to not be rushed! I took the opportunity to finish the beading on an accessory for my Tea Party outfit while sipping my tea.

By the time I left O’bubbles, it was time to go to bed. Despite being so excited for the next day’s event, I was able to fall asleep very easily!

Day Two: Angelic Pretty Paris Store Opening!

Of all the memories of this trip, my memories for this day are the happiest! There was so much excitement for the store opening that my worries about attending alone quickly faded as people started socializing and making friends!

I got up early so that I could try and be at the store two hours before opening! I wanted to have a good place in line! However, after fighting with the hot water (don’t judge me…) for thirty minutes, I found myself calling an Uber to make up time, and arrived an hour later than I wanted! dust-by-me

Despite there only being three girls in front of me, I was number 39! I was a little bit surprised to see that they do things different than the stores in Japan, so this was definitely a learning experience for me. Rumor has it that the first people to show up came at 6 AM! I was worried that by the time I was able to enter the store, everything would be gone (Anime Matsuri 2015 anyone?)

But, as I looked at the shop window I realized that I didn’t have anything to worry about. I couldn’t see any lucky packs or special sets, so I figured there must be even more stock in the back. At this point there was still about an hour until store opening, so I went for a walk. By the time I returned girls were starting to line up while talking excitedly amongst themselves!

It was wonderful to see so many beautiful coordinates, and I felt very inspired! While talking I discovered that many lolitas had travelled from all over Europe to attend the store opening, and I was very lucky to make friends with these two wonderful ladies while chatting in line!

After an hour and a half of waiting, it was finally time to go in! I was completely shocked to see that all of the Misty Sky, Holy Lantern and every special set was still in stock by the time that I was able to enter the store!! It was an absolutely amazing experience and I had so much fun shopping surrounded by all of the new releases of the season!

For my store opening coordinate I wore a bunny themed outfit using my new Sweet Girl Room OP from Angelic Pretty. You might notice that it does not look like the version from the stock photos, and that is because it used to be a JSK! I commissioned Kim Darling of Truly Darling to alter it for me! I will be doing a detailed review later this week of her work. :)

In addition to having the JSK altered into an OP, I also handmade a sash, cat brooch, bunny scepter, and a pair of bunny ears for my coordinate. Originally I had been wearing ankle socks, but I ended up taking them off because of the heat. Truthfully, I prefer the outfit without them!

After we finished shopping, myself and my new friends decided to go to Princess Crêpe for lunch. Much to our horror, it was closed! dust-by-me
 Apparently the store is only open on Monday and Thursday, so please keep this in mind if you want to visit!

Instead, we ended up making a brief detour to Axes Femme and then continued to Laduree for tea.

Unlike tea back home, you simply order which desert and which type of tea you would like once you are seated upstairs. If I had known this I very well might have done lunch instead, as this was my only meal that day! I did think that the prices were very reasonable considering the location, atmosphere, and portion sizes. I ordered the fruit cake and a cinnamon tea. Delicious!

Originally we had planned to go visit Baby the Stars Shine Bright and a few other lolita shops, but we sat and talked for hours! By the time we realized, all of the stores were closed! We snapped a few more photos of the inside, and then it was time to say goodbye head home for the evening!

I had such a nice time with my new friends, and I cherish every memory of the day. It could not have been a more perfect experience! And to top it off, on the way home I met a fat orange tabby cat!

I noticed her when I stopped to get some water from a grocery store in my neighborhood. Regardless of how close another person walked, she never moved. Surely this is the best cat in all of Paris!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about the store opening. The shop was still fully stocked two days later when I returned, and I heard that an NYC project is in the works while I was there. Here’s hoping that something can be worked out, because living near an AP shop would be a dream come true for me!

Sweet dreams my darlings!

– Rosie


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