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Angelic Pretty Winter Collection 2016


Last night AP updated with their 2016 Winter Collection. While I definitely think all of the series being released are lovely, I honestly don’t feel a real attatchment or desire for most of them! I’ve posted the teaser photos below, but so far there is only one announced series that has my attention. aw_hf

Heavenly cross is sort of a mix between Shadow Dream Carnival and Katrina from what I can tell. I like the overlay, but I wish it didn’t hang over the edge of the lining so much, and I’m not really sure that I love the color options or cuts. aw_bs

I love love love the OP for the british stripe series, but there are many similar options available on taobao. Will they be the same quality as AP? Probably not. But it is harder for me to justify the retail price for non-print items – especially when in the past I’ve been disappointed when I couldn’t see them up close before making the purchase. This series is one I’ll keep in mind for a secondhand deal, but I won’t be buying it at release.


While I do like the open sleeve detail on the True Rose Story OP, sleeping beauty has never been a favorite fairytale of mine, and the print itself doesn’t really speak to me. I am curious about what socks, tights, and other accessories might be released, because those items do seem like they might be more up my alley.


Out of all the announced winter releases, Rose Museum is the one that has truly captured my attention. I am really hesitant to sing its praises at the moment however, because despite the beautiful colorways and rich details in the print, I am feeling very cautious about the available cuts.

The bodice on both the teaser image OP and JSK is very unflattering on larger busts (thank you Antoinette Decoration for that lesson!) and I’m not sure which version will have full back shirring yet either. The tights, headbows, gloves, and other accessories are absolutely darling, so I’m hoping that the magazine cut will really blow me away.

What do you think? Are there any series that you are excited for this winter season? Personally I’m super excited about the re-releases of Chocolate Rosette and Melty Cream Donut, and the quiet launch of the Astro Regimen series blew me away! I’m hoping for more surprises and re-releases to spice up the holidays, but if that isn’t your thing there are always holiday luckypacks to look forward to!

Happy Shopping!



One thought on “Angelic Pretty Winter Collection 2016

  1. Heavenly Cross looks beautiful, however I agree, the short lining looks aweful D:
    And Rose Museum looks like a dream!! But I already know there won’t be a fitting cut for me *cries*


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