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I Love Tokyo: Reason 2419


A few days ago I purchased a small hair item from Angelic Pretty, and then went to Swimmer to finish up some last minute shopping. When I was checking out, I set my little AP bag down on the counter and (of course) forgot to take it with me. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize my mistake until I was back at my apartment reviewing the days events with some friends.

Despite the fact that we only had about an hour to spare the following morning, myself and a companion returned to LaForet to see if my bag had been turned in. On the way to Swimmer I translated some simple sentences, since my Japanese language ability isn’t enough to explain complex concepts. We arrived a few minutes before opening (after eating a delicious crepe) and after showing the shop girl the note, we were led to a security office. The bag had been turned in the night before by the shopkeeper!

While this might not seem particularly remarkable to some, it isn’t the first time it has happened to me while in Japan. Once, I had a necklace chain break and a particularly fancy charm slid off and onto the pavement near Closet Child. After retracing my steps I was able to locate it, nearly two hours after the chain had broken. Another time I was at DisneySea, and I set a scarf on a counter while trying on a necklace. Half a day later it was returned to me by security. A pair of glasses I left on a bathroom sink remained untouched thirty minutes after I’d changed cash nearby. Obviously I need to stop setting things down on counters, but that thought aside, I appreciate the kindness and empathy shown towards me, despite my carelessness.


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