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This Week in Angelic Pretty: Yumeiru Present


When this print was announced last month I didn’t really have high hopes for it. And if we are honest, I haven’t really been interested in most of Angelic Pretty’s prints for the winter season. However, last week I was lucky enough to go to Angelic Pretty USA’s 6 anniversary & shop renewal event and we were given the opportunity to see the series in person. I am completely in love! bunny-made-by-me

Out of all the colorways the blue and the ivory are my absolute favorite. Quite a few of the illustrations for this print announcement are in pink and mint, so I’m wondering if there will be a special set using those colors? The print itself features cute teapots, cakes, and teddybears and according to the tea party announcement speech this is the 2016 Christmas print. While the colors are similar to last year’s Cosmetic Bunny, it was hard for me to see the holiday connection until Asuka explained that this is a dress series that a lolita might wear while out shopping for holiday gifts, as it has all of our favorite things on it. I think this makes a bit more sense, and also makes it an easy choice to wear regardless of the season.

As for cuts, I think that the Jumperskirt is nice, but I’m personally hoping to get my hands on the Blue OP. I think that the scalloped bodice is absolutely darling, and the plain sleeves mean that it will be an easy alteration. The one thing that I’m not particularly fond of is the plain hem on the OP & Jumpskirt – when we saw these in person I was wondering if the production samples were going to be a more basic version of the final product – but I guess not. If I do go after this print, I’ll definiately be adding some lace or a ruffle there.

Anyway, what do you think? This is the first print that has had me excited in quite awhile, so I’m curious to hear your opinion!

Happy Shopping !
– Rosie Darling


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