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This Week in Angelic Pretty: Wonder Memories

So today I’m really excited to talk about my feelings for Angelic Pretty’s newest release, Wonder memories! This is one of the releases we were able to see at the fashion show, and it features some really adorable artwork and motifs!

Like most of the other Wonder prints (except maybe this year’s luckypack, I didn’t check) this print features illustrations related to Alice in Wonderland. There are some cute royal rabbits cards, a castle, a key, the eat me & drink me snacks from the story, and my absolute favorite the Cheshire Cat. Despite the Cheshire Cat having an interesting role in the story and subsequent films, he’s pretty uncommon to be included in lolita Alice prints, which means I’m very excited about this release.

As far as garment design goes – AP went pretty traditional with the design of their JSK, blouse and skirt. I think they’re all very nice, but what really has caught my eye is the adorable OP. Until the measurements and detail shots come out I’m not sure that it will fit me, but at this moment the OP is a clear design winner for me. Since the print is an all over print, the casual silhouette and cute bib add a more modern touch that I’m drawn to. The tights of course complete this look, but unfortuately tights never fit me, so I’ll be passing there.

One of the items not on this flyer is the cute Apron from the fashion show. I’m hoping that will be released as well, as I’ve been dying to get my hands on a lolita apron without a heart bodice for years now.

The one thing that is throwing me off is the range of colors chosen. Unlike Wonder Queen, which came in deep shades, this series is reminiscent of Wonder Party and Wonder Story with the soft, dusty pastels. Normally I’d be inclined to pick the red or pink, since those work better for my wardrobe, but I do feel like this shade of blue could work without a lot of adjustment, since there are pink details in the print.

What do you think? Are you as in love with this series as I am? Do you hate it? Sick of Oldschool revival?

Let me know your thoughts!


One thought on “This Week in Angelic Pretty: Wonder Memories

  1. This is a bit late, but I hate it.I miss the old pink OTT sweet lolita prints they use to release,now it looks like it’s just boring to me…..It’s such a disappointment…..


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