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Event Report: Part 2 – Modeling for Haenuli at Wicked & Whimsy

(Photos from Giuliahepburn Photography)
This year I was lucky enough to visit London for the Tea Party Clubs annual event, Wicked & Whimsy. I had a wonderful experience at the event, and I’d definitely recommend the Tea Party Club to anyone who was interested in attending. This is part 2 of a three part series documenting this event. Please check out part 1 and part 3!

So, one of the things I really want to stress about this event (particularly after my experiences in part one) is that the Tea Party Club did a phenomenal job putting together a well organized and engaging show. I would strongly recommend the Tea Party Club (or Street Fashion Europe) over other lolita events if you have the opportunity to attend. I know that every event has its charms and flaws, but honestly I cannot think of a single moment at Wicked & Whimsy where I felt bored, confused, or out of place.

After attending the Angelic Pretty Paris opening I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to take the time to travel for another lolita event, particularly since Wicked & Whimsy was taking place during a busy time of year for me. I ended up purchasing a ticket and kind of waffled around booking my accommodations. Eventually I decided to throw a modeling application into the mix, and I told myself that if I got picked I’d go.

Normally even the suggestion of doing something like this would make me roll my eyes – as a plus sized lolita who can’t fit an Angelic Pretty OP without alterations I’m simply too big (and old) to be considered fashion show model material. I know that, and I’d made peace with that fact long ago. However, when I found out that Haenuli would be showing her newest looks I just couldn’t resist throwing my headbow in the ring – she does make plus sizes so it couldn’t hurt, right?

As luck would have it Nunu asked me to model for her, and she wanted me to bring along a staff that I’d made for Under the Sea to match her galactic princess look. I really can’t express my joy and excitement over being picked – and to have one of my handmade items requested for the show was the biggest honor. I immediately made my travel arrangements and packed every item I thought might match the look sheet she sent.


I think one of the best things about working with Nunu is that she provides her models with a ton of information before the show – including an idea of what feel she wants to evoke from each look. She shows you examples of what you’ll be wearing, the style of makeup and hair, and also lists acceptable personal accessories to bring along. It makes the whole experience stress free – all you have to do is pack well and show up. I also really appreciate that she carefully considered each lolita’s personal style while selecting looks for them, and she encouraged us to bring an accessory to help make the look our own. I ended up bringing a matching overskirt, my favorite magical girl necklace, my staff, and some felt wings to add my own touch to the outfit.

I arrived early Saturday for the model walk through which was quick and easy. The rest of the morning I spent getting ready – since I’d been asked to do a specific makeup look I ended up mucking around with that for an hour (and making a huge mess of myself…) before finally getting dressed. Most of the other models were about ready by this time (and they all looked so gorgeous!!) but I’d been procrastinating. Despite Nunu reassuring me that the dress should fit, I was super stressed out. To my relief everything worked out, and after another hour of fiddling around it was time to go!

There are a few youtube videos available of the fashion shows! The first one in this playlist features Nunu’s cute logo as the title! bunny-made-by-me Please check them out – all of the other models were amazing and the designers provided some absolutely breathtaking looks!

I can’t really express the dreamlike quality of the experience – but I do know that I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. Seriously, these photos – goofy grin in every one.

(Photos from Giuliahepburn Photography)img_4854-1

Because I spent so much time backstage, I can’t comment too much on the other activities – though I did enjoy some delicious sweets and champagne that morning! The vendors space was also well organized across several rooms, and I felt that there was a good selection to represent every style.


I ended up buying some small accessories from Chantilly, Syrup & Fluffy Tori, and I placed a pre-order for a custom Coffee Time OP from Lady Sloth. There was also a consignment room stuffed full of used goods, but I ended up holding out specifically to buy Haenuli’s Cute Animal Theatre OP later that year.


Once I got back to my apartment I took some time to poke through my gift bag – and I was really excited to see a Cute Animal Theatre folder stuffed inside! Earlier in the day I’d seen people walking around with them, but I thought that I’d missed out on a special item for purchase at the booth.  Recieving one as a gift made me really happy, and I use it for work all the time now!

Inside of the folder was a winter catalogue for Haenuli’s latest lines, two sticker sheets, a postcard set, and best of all – a comic book illustrated by Nunu!! I immediately read through the whole book, and as I reached the last story I started feeling really emotional and happy.


These last few panel illustrations are a perfect representation of how I want the lolita community to grow, and their warmth really encompassed the kindness I’d felt all day.

Since today’s post was a touch more self absorbed than I’d like, I promise tomorrow’s will focus more on the event, and less on me! Please check back for a detailed report on the tea party – including my thoughts of the food, activities, and fashion!

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!
– Rosie


4 thoughts on “Event Report: Part 2 – Modeling for Haenuli at Wicked & Whimsy

  1. I’m also a plus-size Lolita so I also never thought about modelling for a brand. But it’s amazing that you had the chance to model for Haenuli, and that it was a great experience for you! Btw, your nails look sooo stunning *____*


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