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Event Report: Part 3 – Wicked & Whimsy Tea Party

img_4810-1This year I was lucky enough to visit London for the Tea Party Club’s annual event, Wicked & Whimsy. I had a wonderful experience at the event, and I’d definitely recommend the Tea Party Club to anyone who was interested in attending. This is part 3 of a three part series documenting this event. Please check out part 1 and part 2!


Since my accommodations were so warm, I chose to wear a very light weight coordinate for Angelic Pretty’s Jewel Marine JSK. I spent most of my time piling crap on my head instead of wearing anything more OTT because it was just too warm to deal with that nonsense!

Once we arrived there was still quite a bit of time before being seated, so I talked to some friends and then asked for outfit photos. Everyone was dressed really well, and there were a wide range of styles represented.


After maybe 15-20 minutes everyone was brought into the library and seated for tea. At each table there was a cute bingo game (no prizes, just for entertainment) as well as two postcards, a button, and a sticker sheet.


The goal of the Tea Party Bingo was to spot (if not participate in) all of the items in the chart. I ended up being the “she’s playing Pokemon Go”, ” Hella Glittery Make-up/co-ord” and “Too Many Hair Accessories” for most of the people at my table. bunny-made-by-me

By the time most people had finished the Bingo game our food was being served. Each table got several plates of scones, sandwiches and sweets, and every time you thought there couldn’t possibly be more, another plate of scones or sandwiches would magically appear. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much food at a tea party ever! My favorites were the cute lemon bee macarons!

After the meal the winners of the coordinate contest were chosen, and a raffle was done as well. Many of my friends won a prize which was wonderful, and we all went home full and happy!

Soon it was time for everyone to leave – including my roommates. I wished them a good bye and then went out on my own to catch pokemon for awhile. I ended up seeing Ghostbusters at a local cinema and popping into ARTBOX before heading home. ARTBOX has moved locations since I last visited, and I like their new shop quite a lot. I was surprised to see they’re now carrying Pusheen! How cute!


As I mentioned in Part 1, the rest of my night didn’t go so well and I left on something of a sour note. But that isn’t to say that I didn’t have a great time at the Tea Party Club’s Wicked and Whimsy event, and I definitely plan to attend more of their events in the future.

I hope that maybe I can meet some of y’all there in the future!
– Rosie Darling


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