My Favorite Trends from 2016 !


Now that 2016 is finally over, we can look back at all of the good & bad crazes from the last year! Below are my 5 favorite 2016 trends that I hope to see continuing into 2017 !
Printed Ankle Socks

 Honestly speaking? Ankle socks really aren’t my thing. I’ve owned a few pairs in the past when they’ve come in a set, and yes, they’re nice to have for hot summer days. And yes, I’ve seen cute coordinates where they’ve been layered over tights or nice casual outfits where they’ve suited the style! But for me, ankle socks have always felt a bit too Nabakovian, particulary when they are plain white with frothy raschel lace cuffs!
Ugh! Look at this mess! Make it stop! I know that they are supposed to be cute and old school, but there is just something about them that creeps me out! Blech!
That being said, this year Angelic Pretty released their Wrapping Cherry socks and I fell in love. Not only are they cute and delicate looking, but they have enough detail to work in an elaborate outfit! And, when worn, they sit more like crew socks! Finally an ankle sock style I can get behind.  

 Round Glasses 

Since I need glasses or contact lenses to see having a cute pair of frames can be helpful when my eyes are feeling tired or dry. I know that seeing them everywhere has been irritating to some, but I’m just thankful to have an option that isn’t thin and square! Having a cute round pair of frames can really soften the cheeks or narrow the jaw, and I feel like they are universally flattering once you find the right size. And, compared to many other designer frames, round glasses are often quite cheap – both of my prescription pairs were under 30$ after shipping! I have a few larger pairs that I wear for photos, but I’m honestly just estatic to finally have a set of delicate, feminine frames!

Updos, Natural Hair & Short Hairstyles

Part of me wonders how much of my perception has been warped by the online community, but for awhile it was starting to feel like wigs were going to become the next mandatory item for every lolita to own. I’ve heard quite a few newbie lolitas agonizing over their first wig purchase, even before they bought a petticoat! Over the last year I’ve noticed more people using their natural hair in their coordinates, and beautifully styled updos, braids, and cute bobs have become popular as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the style influence was coming from Larme-kei, since they stress a more natural soft style – but I’m really happy to see that recommendations for a wig aren’t at the top of peoples minds these days.

 PomPoms &  Soft Accessories 

Speaking of Larme, I’ve noticed quite a few of the soft style trends associated with the fashion have been trickling over into lolita! I love the big fuzzy pompoms, feathers, and dusty hues that we’ve been seeing for sweet lolita during 2016, and I hope we get more of these modern feminine accessories to play around with in the coming year.

Metal Pin Accessories 

Assorted Enamel Pins from Flat Beanie

Over the last year and a half I’ve seen these cute enamel pins popping up all over the place in fast fashion stores, and I think that they are a very cute way to add some kawaii touches to an otherwise simple outfit. For people who want a slightly more mature version of the plastic rings and bangles circa 2008, these are the perfect answer. While I haven’t seen any produced specifically by lolita brands yet, I do think that this type of accessory will soon be around!And for those of you who can’t wait, this cute Brand Whore pin from Star Glazed Otome should be able to tide you over!

That’s about it for me! Do you have any trends that you love from 2016 that you hope stick around for the new year? If so, please let me know in the comments!

– Rosie


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