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Wishlist 2017 – Casual, Soft & Feminine

Good morning Space Cadets! As I mentioned in my New Year’s Resolution post, I want to define my style and become a more conscious consumer during 2017, which means that creating and sticking to a wishlist is essential. Not only does it help with budgeting, but having a wishlist available to look at can help make your aesthetic goals more concrete. No more impulse purchases for me!

I’ve set this list up to include specific cuts and colorways and styles, which I think should help me narrow down what I want my wardrobe to look like by 2018. This isn’t a shopping list and I certainly don’t plan to purchase all (or even most!) of the items listed here. Instead, I want to use this space as inspiration to help me make clear and definite decisions about any new additions to my closet!

Solids & Simple Patterns

The first category of items that I’m interested in use solid & simple print fabrics. All of these items have common details – a high waisted cut, long sleeves, and a cute bib or collar. Because I am plus sized and will need alterations on literally every item in this section, the collar is of particular importance to me since it can easily hide changes in the cut.


Casual & Chiffon Prints 

While there are certainly a range of print themes in this section, most of these items also have a highwaisted cut and sleeves. As I mentioned the fact that they have collars is beneficial – but I noticed that there are specific colorways that I’m into right now. Pink, Lavender, Navy, Red and Black are all over the place here – which means I should keep that in mind when thinking about new releases.


Pastel Accessories 

Since most of the items in the other sections are OPs, I don’t have a huge need for blouses or outerwear. I would however love to own a coat similar to the one shown here – the huge fur cuffs and hood just look so sweet! I’d also really like to pick up some more basic ribbon style socks – they can be worn with just about anything and usually basic items are more budget friendly. Finally, I’d like to focus on girly bags in pastel colors, I feel like the Dreamy Girl bag in lavender is a good reminder of what I’m looking for!

Over the next year I expect I’ll update and change this post as I need to, but I think that having everything clearly listed (with an explanation as a reminder!) will help me keep on track. Do you have a wishlist for the new year? Please feel free to share in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
– Rosie


4 thoughts on “Wishlist 2017 – Casual, Soft & Feminine

  1. I’ve kept a wishlist pretty much all of last year and it has definitely helped to limit impulse buying and ensure that what I buy will go with my wardrobe. I also reviewed it regularly to tick off things I got and see if with the new additions there’s something else I might need. Thanks to that this year my wishlist is pretty short, at least so far, I’ve posted mine here: https://cupcakes-and-unicorns.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/2017-wishlist.html


    1. Ah, you’ve got a good wishlist going! After reviewing my wishlist there are even items there that could be cut out, since there is no feasable way to alter them to fit! But I’ll be leaving them for inspiration haha!


  2. Love the idea of a wish list for all of the reasons you give. I’ve never really done one and as a result I am pretty scattered regarding what I like, want and need. I think keeping a wish list will really help me better coordinate my goals, look and hopefully purchases. Keeping track of what I like and why I like it seems so obvious – its amazing I’ve never done it – until now!


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