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Event Report: Angelic Pretty San Francisco 6th Anniversary Renewal (Day 1)

Earlier this year a friend of mine invited me to attend the Angelic Pretty 6th Anniversary Renewal with her, and of course I agreed. Like the Angelic Pretty Paris tea party, this event came with a steep ticket cost that was only available with a qualifying purchase. Additionally, while photos with the designers were complimentary, photos with the Guest of Honor Model Risa Nakamura were included after making an additional qualifying purchase (online orders were also included.)

Technically the store renewal was a 2 day event – there were sales and luckypacks available on the first day, and a tea party was held on the second. Because of this, we decided to make it a girl’s weekend in San Francisco. Between all of the lolita and cute shops in Japantown and the delicious places to eat, keeping occupied wasn’t really an issue.


We got up early and were quite surprised to find out that it was raining. I ended up wearing a very simple Melty Cream Doughnut coordinate, and chose to wear a wig so I wouldn’t have to worry about my hair throughout the day.

By the time we arrived a small line had formed. It didn’t grow too much larger throughout the process, and after waiting for about 15 minutes, the first groups of people were allowed in. The two most coveted items (a red holy cross special set and several bargain lucky pack sets) went very quickly, but I was pleased that there was plenty of stock left over by the time we entered the store.

The new Angelic Pretty location is a huge improvement over the original AP/Harajuku Hearts storefront. While it is sad to see the other brands removed from the shop, the decorations on the inside are perfectly suited to the brand’s cotton candy aesthetic. The new tiles, framed fabric panels, and pristine clothing racks are absolutely perfect – and the light color palette really opens the space. It also was wonderful to finally be able to putter around in an American store dedicated entirely to the Angelic Pretty brand – it really feels like one of the shops from Japan has been carried over.

As I mentioned before, we were allowed to take photos with the guests and designers. Unfortunately Designer Maki was feeling ill, so she wasn’t able to attend the shop renewal, but it was very nice to be able to meet Designer Asuka and Model Risa again.

My group was feeling quite hungry after shopping and participating in the meet and greet, so we decided to visit The Crown & Crumpet in Japantown for a late tea. I was thrilled to see that they had a cute Christmas set that featured all the standard sandwiches and scones, but with cute holiday themed sweets instead. The set was a smidge more expensive than their usual menu, but they give you a pretty ornament as a gift along with some delicious cider.


After leaving Japantown I decided to head back to the hotel. The renewal tea party was being held during the winter holidays, and to celebrate I’d brought along Sugar Dream Dome for a cute snow bunny look. Unfortunately I don’t actually own a whole lot to go with the series – so I’d carted over a bunch of last minute crafting supplies for my trip. I ended up working on my accessories until about 1 AM – but it was well worth the effort. The next morning I had a cute bag cover, rosette, and a set of shoe clips to add something special to my coordinate.

Please check back later this week for Part 2, which will have photos and a quick rundown of the tea party event!

Thanks for reading!
– Rosie


2 thoughts on “Event Report: Angelic Pretty San Francisco 6th Anniversary Renewal (Day 1)

  1. That line of frilly parasols and dresses is such a great photo. Makes me excited even though I couldn’t have taken part in the event. And based on the photos of what you’ve crafted, it was definitely worth all that work and effort, they look so cute! *.*


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