This Week in Angelic Pretty: British Crown


Angelic Pretty’s first release of 2017 will be the British Crown series! While the collection certainly lives up to its namesake, I think that the cuts do a good job of making it wearable for a more daily princess look.

What I think is particularly interesting about this series is that there are only two cuts – a cute and casual OP, and a slightly fancier JSK. There is no skirt, no full shirring JSK, and no salopette. Part of me wonders if this will be a continuing trend throughout the year, or if perhaps there will be a few special sets released to make up for the lack of options?

Personally I think that the headbow is a bit ugly, but I do like the OTKs. While I am interested in the OP, I’ll be waiting to see what all the colorways look like on release night – there aren’t any waist ties which means alterations will be very difficult! The JSK is an absolute no-go for me though, the bodice just doesn’t suit my tastes.

What do you think? Are you into this series? Or will it be a pass?

Let me know in the comments !
– Rosie


8 thoughts on “This Week in Angelic Pretty: British Crown

  1. My eyes right away went to the OP which I do agree is a great combination of cute and casual. I definitely love the cut and neckline and sleeves and am surprisingly taken with the print. I’m not sure what it is about the JSK but it is definitely not hitting me either – somehow that pattern does not seem to fit the design… not a fan of the hair bow either. So I would say… so far anyway… that I am partially into it!


  2. I can’t say that I’ve been massively hyped for this print, but I was curious to see more after the initial previews. I still like the OP a lot, but there’s no way that I’d fit into it and as I like to be extra safe, I wouldn’t alter a brand piece in case I then tried to resell it. On the other hand, the JSK would probably fit me and it is quite charming in white – up until I noticed the two lapels (for lack of a better word) around the neckline, which threw me off a little, I thought that was just a nice neckline style, but now that I can see that they’re lapels it put me off just a tiny bit. So if anything, I’ll probably buy the socks and that’ll be it. :P


    1. I saw that! This is why I wish measurements were released in advance, if I had know that I might have been more inclined to make a purchase while they were available (though the sleeves likely still would have caused me a problem tbh.)


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