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Event Report: Angelic Pretty San Francisco 6th Anniversary Renewal Tea Party (Day 2)


As I mentioned in my last post, I spent the night before the tea party crafting since I wasn’t really happy with my coordinate. To be honest I’d been feeling pretty uninspired up until the event, but after finishing these items I was excited for the day’s party!

I’d been planning a snow bunny look for the outfit, but I didn’t have a blouse to match. Instead, I commissioned Kim Darling of Truly Darling Boutique to turn my JSK into an OP using some iridescent snowflake fabric I’d found locally. I then added a matching snowflake overskirt, little bunny ears and tails to my shoes, and made the rosette and bag cover. Compared to some of my other OTT looks this one is quite simple, but I’m really happy with how it turned out! For once I didn’t feel like an over decorated Christmas tree!

Outfit Rundown:
OP: Modified Angelic Pretty’s Sugar Dream Dome – Sleeves & Overskirt added by Truly Darling Boutique.
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Bunny Ears: Swimmer
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Swimmer
Bag Cover: Handmade
Rosette: Handmade
Shoes: Modified Montreal – Bunny Ears & Tail added by myself
Choker: Handmade


I accidentally left a hot glue gun plugged in so we were a little bit late getting to the venue. Still, we made it in time for all of the activities including the outfit snaps and social time. Princess cat was by far the most popular print around, and I was surprised to see that there was a pretty even mix both OTT and standard lolita coordinates.


In the days before the tea party guests were asked to make a meal selection. Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian options were available. I ended up getting salmon, which came with an arrangement of assorted vegitables and a cute pink cupcake. Overall the food was pretty good, and the portion sizes kept me content throughout the event.

Around this time Angelic Pretty presented their Winter/Spring collection in a short fashion show. As usual, photos were strictly forbidden. Yumeiru Present Box, Wonder Memories and a Library print were shown, along with several of the outrageoulsy priced dresses from the Brilliant Dress Collection. We were then told we’d be given the opportunity to pre-order Yumieru Present Box and the Brillian Dress Collection items at the tea party, and an e-mail would be sent out for those who wanted to order online. I think this gesture was nice, but similar to the AP Paris tea party order arrangements, by the time you were able to order anything online, all of the items were already released in Japan. I also never received my e-mail for this offer, though personally I didn’t plan to use it.
After the fashion show and meal, we were asked to vote on the best dressed coordinate and to view the Yumieru Present Box samples that were on display. I enjoyed having the opportunity to see the dresses in person first, but I would have liked to know the measurements so I could have placed an order there. Instead, I ended up asking Asuka for a photo, and she was kind enough to remember my beaded items from the Paris event! Every photo I have is super awkward because I couldn’t stop smiling, but it meant a lot to me that she recognized my work!

After the best dressed coordinate winner was announced, they did a raffle. We were told to just raise our hands and they would pass out the prizes – which of course I didn’t hear. So when they called my number for a gift certificate I made a complete fool of myself and jumped up to collect it! It was still a fun moment, and my friends saved me from complete embarrassment by catching me before I ran off. Another one of my friends ended up winning the grand prize – a complete dress set!! It was quite wonderful, and I still smile thinking about it. bunny-made-by-me


Sadly, the tea party was already running over on time, and it was time to go. We were all given a gift bag with a calender and a mirror in it, and some last minute photos were taken. I ended up heading back to the AP store with my friends for some last minute shopping, but I decided to save my gift certificate for an online purchase since I really wanted to scrapbook it.

UPDATE: A few weeks later a friend of mine sent me this screenshot in a text message – apparently my coordinate made it into SPOON magazine! I really couldn’t be happier, I’ll definitely be ordering this issue for my collection!! bunny-made-by-me

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience at the tea party itself, and I would definitely attend another one! Though the ticket price was high I felt that it was well worth the cost -especially when compared to the Paris event. It was SO nice to be able to speak with the designers for a bit, and the event itself was well organized. All of the activities had clearly explained rules, and while the pre-order perks were similar to the Paris ones, at least you could place your order in person instead of waiting weeks for items that had already been released.

Thanks for reading!
– Rosie


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