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Cute Food Report: Q-Pot Cafe Halloween Se”Q”ret Room Tea Party SET

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Last year for Halloween my friends and I decided to go on a group trip to Tokyo. In addition to visiting Harajuku and Tokyo Disney during October we made it a point to stop into Q-Pot cafe for a spooky tea party. Since there were four of us we decided to reserve the Se”Q”Ret room on Halloween, and we specifically requested the Spooky Tea Party Set. This set was available for purchase in any of the regular rooms on a first come first serve basis.

Since we didn’t want to miss out, and we didn’t want to wait in line at store opening, reservations were our safest bet. You used to be able to use an online reservation system, but it appears that this service is provided exclusively via e-mail now.

That morning we did some last minute shopping in Harajuku, and then left for Q-Pot cafe. I ended up wearing a pink bunny coordinate as my halloween outfit with my altered Melty Cream Donut dress from Angelic Pretty.

Coordinate Rundown:
Bunny Ears: BTSSB
Headbow: AP
OP (Altered): Angelic Pretty altered by Truly Darling
Socks: AP
Shoes: Secret Shop
Bag: AP


When we arrived at Q-Pot cafe we were asked to wait inside for about 10 minutes so they could prepare the Se”Q”ret room for us. We were surprised to find that the venue was unbearably hot, so we stepped outside to wait instead. Our host eventually seated us inside the reserved room, but it was so warm that we all had to remove our jackets and fan ourselves with our hands.

The theme of the 2016 Halloween set focused on a ghostly wedding. The ghost motif was used to decorate all around the cafe, including the food and a cute snowglobe.



Because we had reserved the maximum number of guests (4) an alcoholic beverage was provided with our meal. We also had the options for several teas, either iced or hot. Since the room was so warm I ended up getting their Raspberry iced tea, and the pink wine. One tea refill was included as well, which is unusual for restaurants in Japan. For our main meal we were provided a Chicken Salad Croissant, Egg Soup, Ghost Pancakes, Lip Chocolate Pudding and a Pumpkin Macaron.  All of the food was absolutely delicious, particularly the soup and pudding.

After we were finished eating, we had our photo taken with a Polaroid camera, and we were given a framed copy as a thank you gift. We were allowed to sit and chat for the remainder of the hour, and then we left to meet up with the rest of our group. Overall we had a very nice time at Q-pot, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wanted to give it a try.

I’m sorry that this post is coming so late, but please be patient with me! I have a few more out of season Cute Food Reports lined up, but everything should be back on track by February!

Thanks for reading!
– Rosie


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