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Cute Food Report: Tokyo Halloween Roundup & Other Spooky Snaps!

Halloween in Japan is a huge deal, with most stores featuring special merchandise and sales during the month of October. Since there are so many different things to try, I’ve gathered all of the spooky snacks into one Mega-Halloween Cute Food Report! I hope you enjoy it!
Kawaii Monster Cafe
Rating: star-by-mestar-by-mestar-by-me
While the Kawaii Monster Cafe is one of my favorite themed cafe, their Halloween menu isn’t that different from their regular one. Personally, I prefer their set menu drinks to the one I had last October.

Halloween Crepes at Santa Monica Crepes (attatched to LaForet)
Rating: star-by-mestar-by-mestar-by-me
I ended up getting the Deluxe Halloween Crepe which had syrup and sweet potatos – and it was very tasty! But the upcharge for the halloween theme was 200Y (Total was 690Y) which is pretty expensive for a crepe!

Spooky Treats at Tokyo Disney
Rating: star-by-mestar-by-mestar-by-mestar-by-me
The sweet snacks at Tokyo Disneyland didn’t disappoint! This cute hamburger and cupcake was located near the Rodger Rabbit Toon Town section, and both items were delicious! Plus, since we went on Halloween Eve, guests of all ages are allowed to wear costumes to the park, and it was AMAZING!

Halloween Sweets at Combini (7/11, Lawson, Family Mart)
Rating: star-by-mestar-by-mestar-by-mestar-by-me
While the sterile venue of a combini might lack ambiance, the price for these cute spooky treats are a great value! I got a chocolate cat which had a hard outer shell and whipped chocolate custard on the inside! Delicious!

Creepy Halloween Specials at The Lockup
Rating: star-by-mestar-by-mestar-by-mestar-by-me
The Lockup is a fun place to go regardless of the season, but for halloween they have all sorts of cute themed food! The theme of this cafe is a prison on the moon, and if it is your first time there they will put you in handcuffs and lead you to your cell.

My table ordered a pudding cup with eyes, a ghost icecream, mummy sausages, and an eyeball injection drink. All of the sweets (as well as the hashbrowns) were pretty good – but no one really liked their entrée. What made up for it was the escaped convict show where people in masks come through each cell and scare the pants off of the inmates! If you want to dine here just enjoy your drinks and the appetizers or desserts – and make sure you hang around long enough for the entire experience.

Kawaii Ghost Wedding Set at Q-Pot Cafe
Rating: star-by-mestar-by-mestar-by-mestar-by-mestar-by-me ( Full Review Here)
Out of all the Halloween themed meals we had, the Ghost Wedding set we had at Q-Pot cafe was my favorite. Every part of the meal tasted good, and despite the venue being extremely warm, my group had a great time there. Please see the full review if you want more details!

Snoopy Halloween Doughnut at Mr. Donut
Rating: star-by-mestar-by-me
I’m not a huge Snoopy fan, so the cute factor didn’t really make up for this doughnut’s bland taste or price. Personally I prefer their lion rings, but if you like Snoopy this might be a fun and cheap snack to indulge in.

Other snaps from around Tokyo
As I mentioned, most places in Tokyo have Halloween decorations, specials and events going on throughout the month of October. If you can head over to Tokyo Disneyland during the last two days of the month it is totally worth it since everyone shows up in handmade costumes that are completely out of this world amazing. I’d strongly recommend checking tit out if you have the chance!


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the snaps and reviews!

See you next time!
– Rosie


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