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Habits I’ve Picked Up from Lolita Fashion


Hello everyone! This post is coming a little bit late because I went on a mini vacation and didn’t have a lot of time to write. I’ve got a few things queued up for February though, so hopefully we’ll get at least a post a week in.

Last week’s Lolita Blog Carnival topic was “Habits You’ve Picked Up From Lolita Fashion.” While I can think of lots of little things that intertwined with my interest in lolita fashion from the beginning, there are only a few habits that I can identify as starting with the fashion itself.

bunny-made-by-me Wearing Feminine Clothing (Skirts, Makeup, Heels.)
Prior to wearing lolita fashion I avoided wearing most women’s clothing because at the time there weren’t many styles that were flattering for plus sized girls. I was an inbetweenie, meaning that straight sizes were too small and most plus sized items were too big, so before I got into lolita fashion I was often stuck wearing mens clothing.

bunny-made-by-me Wearing Bloomers Under Skirts
I grew up in a very warm climate, so wearing tights to prevent chub rub wasn’t really an option all year round. After finding out about bloomer shorts I’ve started wearing them under just about anything with a skirt. Not only does it keep my thighs from chafing, but I don’t have to worry about upskirt moments either.

bunny-made-by-me Drinking Tea
While I’ve always loved sweets, I didn’t get into drinking tea until after I started attending lolita meetups. Though I hosted the first few tea parties I attended, I didn’t actually know anything about tea at the time, and it took me a few events to find flavors I could enjoy without a pot full of sugar added in.

bunny-made-by-me Higher Self Confidence
I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really much of a people person, and that I struggle with anxiety. That said, interacting with my local community and hosting meetups has forced me to be a more confident person. The first step to putting together an event, regardless of size, is to trust in your own judgement and to believe that your efforts are worthwhile. When I first started wearing the fashion there was no way that I could have walked on stage and hosted fashion shows, panels, or auctions – but these days I can do it without even breaking a sweat.


Are there any habits that you’ve picked up from lolita fashion? Feel free to let us know in the comments. If you found this topic interesting, please check out these other blogs for their take.

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