Concerns about Angelic Pretty’s 2017 Spring/Summer Collections

Since 2017 has started, we’ve seen 3 new series releases from Angelic Pretty – British Crown, Brilliant Princess Story and Memorial Library. All three series feature more mature illustrations than what AP is famous for which is pretty standard for this time of year. But more concerning (for me at least) each series has only been released with two cuts – a partially shirred jumperskirt and a single OP (no shirring.)

Last year I wrote about how excited I was to see Angelic Pretty increasing their production to the point that their bitterly competitive releases seemed to be a thing of the past. But as the last month has continued on, we’ve seen British Crown sell out entirely, and Brilliant Princess Story was released with some of the smallest measurements in recent AP history.

What we haven’t seen are any special set announcements, or any items with full shirring. While the British Crown OP is larger in the bust in waist, it doesn’t mean that it is anywhere near as accommodating as a JSK with similar measurements since there are shoulders and sleeves that end up restricting movement for plus size ladies like myself.

Part of me thinks that this has to do with just how much left over stock there was from last years series – items like Magic Amulet and Milky Swan were being sold for 40$ ~60$ USD at the Laforet Grand Bazar this January. But it wasn’t like there were a ton of full shirring items left over – if anything a mediocre full shirring cut sells out more often than not, even when a partial or no shirring item is objectively more beautiful. So, I’m a bit worried that AP is compensating for their increased production by reducing the number of options available.

Hopefully as the year goes on we see some special sets of these series released with full back shirring, along with more accommodating options available for the rest of the spring lines. In the mean time I’m not sure exactly what AP is trying to do here. Do they want to return to the days where almost every series sold out within minutes of release? Do they prefer doing re-releases or make to orders to placate unhappy fans? Personally, I feel like they’re definitely experimenting with a new business model – but I’m worried thye’ll be alienating a large segment of their international audience if they don’t keep in mind their plus sized fans.

What do you think?
– Rosie


6 thoughts on “Concerns about Angelic Pretty’s 2017 Spring/Summer Collections

      1. I agree. Because alot of the plus sized girls like you and myself love angelic pretty and the prints and now that there reverting back to their old sizing style that is really going to hurt their business. I noticed they sold out more items due to their enlarged sizing but now that the sizing is reverting back I saw there not selling as much with past prints so that could possibly hurt them.


  1. I actually found out the measurements for Ribbon Bunny and Sweet Cream Princess today, and yeah..equally abysmal. This is really saddening.


    1. I find this to be absurd and it will hurt the sales for Angelic Pretty. So stupid. The reasons why I have been buying brand lately is because they have been fitting me. But it seems fitting to skinny people is more important then not selling out and making more money and being more open to all customers.


      1. Yeah…I guess it makes me feel like I don’t matter as a consumer. Like when my fiancee worried that Lolita would make me feel insecure about my weight, last year I could tell him no, if anything I feel like I’m welcomed because some of the biggest brands in Lolita make clothes that fit me. *sighs* At least I still have meta and taobao (the latter of which fits better and is cheaper than ap anyway) tl;dr: I will not apologize for my European curves.


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