♥.·:*¨ Plan With Me: Setting up My Journal & Scrapbook ¨*:·.♥


One of my big goals for the new year was to set up some sort of planner & scrapbook. As of right now this is still an ongoing process, but I’ve finally got enough of it together to share with you guys. :)


In true Rosie fashion, I had to make everything more complicated than necessary. I wasn’t really satisfied with most of the journals and binders that I found stateside, so I decided to order one of these cute Macaron binders from Aliexpress. It took about two weeks to arrive, and in the mean time I couldn’t do much more than collect supplies.


I didn’t find any dividers that I liked, so I decided to make my own. The binder I ordered was A5 size, but unfortunately it is almost impossible to find A5 supplies offline in the USA, so I had to modify the 1/2 sheet pages I found locally. I decorated the clear files with some lace washi tape, Econeco craft paper sheets, and glittery cardstock in pastel colors. I ended up with four dividers – one for personal appointments, another for lists and trackers, another for business plans, and finally one for my lolita scrapbook.

Once the binder finally arrived, I set to filling it up pretty quickly. In the first pocket I keep a to-do list sticky note so that I can easily jot down ideas. I got this one from Daiso, but you can find more generic ones at most office stores. Above that I keep my lolita point cards, and inside the large pocket I have my AP gift certificate (to be scrapbooked soon!) and some Econeco stickers.

The main pens and pencils I use to write in my journal are Tombow duel ink pens from Econeco and this pink Pilot pen. My dad has used Pilot pens forever and I always loved drawing with them, so when I found the pink ones I stocked up.  You can also see the front of my swimmer pocket calendar – but I’m planning to replace that with an AP desk calender later on since it has a little more space for writing in it.

Here you can see most of the items I keep in the back pocket of the binder – a cute puppy ruler from swimmer, some envelopes and stationary, my pocket calendar, and some additional date book stickers. Eventually I’d like to add a file folder to keep important papers in, but I haven’t gotten around to hole punching one just yet.


These are the last little bits of stationary I keep with me. The sticky notes and page tabs are from Econeco and Swimmer. The file folder is from Econeco as well, and the milky shy cat sketchbook is from Artbox.

As of right now I’m pretty happy with this setup, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to add in the scrapbooking pages. I’m thinking about buying a second Macaron Planner to use exclusively as a scrapbook, but I haven’t made up my mind about it just yet.

Are you a stationary junky? Do you have a cute planner you’d like to share? Feel free to leave links in the comments!



One thought on “♥.·:*¨ Plan With Me: Setting up My Journal & Scrapbook ¨*:·.♥

  1. I’m a stationairy junkie as well, but I’m always forbidding myself to buy too much stuff which I end up never using >-_< I guess I will need another few years until I start my scrapbook haha.


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