Lolita Movie Reviews: Lala Pipo (Or, What Did I Just Watch?)

So, what does lolita fashion have to do with hoarding, hostess clubs, super heroes and a lime green anthropomorphic plush willy (yes, you read that right.) You’ll probably need to see the trailer for Lala Pipo to find out.

(Warning for violence, nudity & sexual situations)


Last weekend I was poking around on youtube when I saw this trailer featuring a chubby lolita wearing an old school BTSSB dress. Instead of watching the full thing, I just skipped to the end where she was talking to a host club tout. Curious to see if she was just a minor character I pulled up the film on Wikipedia and found that it was written by Tetsuya Nakashima – the director of Kamikaze Girls. Without reading another word I rented it from Amazon, and well… I’m still not really sure what to make of this movie. In fact, I was hesitant to write about it!

As you can see from the full trailer, La La Pipo follows the stories of six people and their involvement with the red-light districts of Tokyo. While the film is done in the colorful style I’d associate with Kamikaze Girls, its violent and sexual content reminded me more of Deadpool or Trainwreck. For those of you who are curious, let me be clear – this film features several scenes of sexual manipulation, violence against women, and rape – almost all of which are played up for laughs.

Like Kamikaze Girls, the characters are quirky and interesting to watch – but I’ll be honest, our lolita character is not a huge part of the film. She appears twice – once during a chance sexual encounter with another character, and then at the end to explain her story in a short vignette. I’m not sure that she even gets a name other than “Miss Fat Girl.” which I think is a little bit sad. I couldn’t recommend watching this film just for her – but I do feel like she is an engaging character – particularly since we see how she deals with sexuality as fat woman.

At this point, I’m still really undecided about La La Pipo. I know that there will probably be a lot of Lolitas who don’t like the fashion being associated with the sex industry – we deal with that misconception enough already! But honestly? I’m more concerned with the way that humor is associated with sexual violence in the film than I am the portrayal of sexuality in Lolita.

If you’re up for a very raunchy, extremely violent R-rated look at the sex industry in Japan, then check the film out. But if you just want to see a couple of pretty lolita dresses? Perhaps stick with the classics and pop in Kamikaze Girls instead.

~ Rosie


2 thoughts on “Lolita Movie Reviews: Lala Pipo (Or, What Did I Just Watch?)

  1. ” this film features several scenes of sexual manipulation, violence against women, and rape – almost all of which are played up for laughs ”

    I cringed so hard, especially at the “for laughs” Dx
    I never heard about it until now.


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