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Biscuit! By Truly Darling: Sweet Dreamers Sleepwear Collaboration Collection


Today I’m really excited to announce that I’ve been working on a collaboration collection called Biscuit! with Kim Darling, the owner and seamstress for Truly Darling.  My first series is a lolita sleepwear collection called Sweet Dreamers, and it will be will be released at 6PM today! This series features two OP cuts, bloomers, tote bags and a headdress. All of the items are available in 5 colors – pink, lavender, sax blue, mint, and black. These items are able to be custom sized, will be available for pre-order until March 13th pink-heart


A few years ago I was hosting a local meetup and I met Kim Darling of Truly Darling for the first time. She told me that she’d been designing her own looks and wanted to expand her shop to include some lolita designs. At the time I’d been trying to get my own designs for Twinkle Bats, Sugar Jellies & Alpaca Parade off the ground, but I was having a hard time finding a reliable seamstress who understood lolita fashion. After talking a bit the two of us decided to team up – Kim would do all of the sewing for Truly Darling (including alterations and the classic/gothic lines), and I’d design the sweet lolita looks while also handling event planning & our old shopping service.

Truly Darling looks made with my Print Artwork & Designs

As I’ve mentioned before, last year was a difficult time for me. For a time I was thinking about leaving lolita fashion altogether, because I was having a difficult time dealing with stress. Kim & I discussed this, and though a few of my print series were re-released/redesigned last year, we decided that I’d take a step back from my work at Truly Darling and that Kim would take on the bulk of the shop work for the year.

Around Halloween I commissioned Kim to create a Twinkle Bat OP using a high waisted OP style, and the process reminded me of how much I loved designing my own clothing. The two of us talked about a business plan for the future, and decided that in addition to the looks she was working on, we’d start a separate line called Biscuit! as a collaboration collection that I designed. Since it wasn’t part of the core collection, I could design new sweet lolita looks as I was able, but it wouldn’t hinder the seasonal collections released by Kim. We ended up retiring all of my old prints that had been haunting the shopfront at the end of 2016, and set up a production schedule for the new year. pink-heart

The first Biscuit! series that we’ll be releasing is called Sweet Dreamers. I’ve always wanted a roomwear line, but often times the ones available are too warm to be worn year round. I wanted to create something feminine and frilly, but that was also very light and sweet.

The main item in this series is a long OP with a detachable bow bandeau. The straps on this are adjustable, and it will be available in 5 colors – pink, lavender, black, mint and sax blue. The OP is made of two layers – one is chiffon and the other is a soft tulle – which gives it a very sweet and soft feeling. The lace has cute star embroidery, and there is elastic around the top hem for maximum comfort.


The series also features a matching eyemask headdress. Depending on the color chosen the ribbon used will be glittery or satin finish. The lace for the black and pink colorways will be a matching black or pink, and all other colorways will have white lace.


The next item designed to match this series is a tote-bag that we’re calling pillow bags. They fit a regular sized notebook, and the front layer is filled with stuffing – so it is soft and squishy, just like a pillow! They are available in both square and heart shapes.

Our final items in this series are a short OP and Bloomer set. Both are made from a soft chiffon, and they feature the same star lace as the long OP. Just like the accessories, they will be available in all 5 colors, and as with everything else, they’ll be available for custom sizes. :)

If you’re interested, please check out the Sweet Dreamers collection on Truly Darling’s website! They’ll be available for purchase starting February 21 at 6PM EST. :) I’m really excited to have these go live, and if they do well we’ll be looking into other lifestyle lolita options. pink-heart

Thanks again for checking this post out! I hope you enjoyed it! And for those of you curious about my next print release, it will be called Sweet Animal Cafe and it will feature animal shaped doughnuts! Here is a quick preview from the anniversary tea party we hosted a few weeks ago! :D

Thanks again for reading!! If you have any questions about the series or the production process please leave them in the comments! I’d love to discuss what exactly goes into designing and creating each item and to go over how pricing is calculated but I’m not really sure if people are interested in that! Let me know! pink-heart

– Rosie


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