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Lolita Blog Carnival: Following Through with my 2018 Resolutions


This week’s topic for the Lolita Blog Carnival asks participants to take their top 3 New Year’s Resolutions and to develop a plan for completing them. For me, I want 2018 to be the year of the Lifestyle Lolita, so I’ve decided to use that category as a starting off point.

Redefine my Lolita Concept
Of all my resolutions for the year, I think that this one is going to be the hardest to truly achieve. When I started wearing lolita fashion in 2006, there was a very different attitude towards wardrobe building and style. During that time a lolita was expected to focus primarily on finding well crafted garments that flattered her figure, and to define a personal style that could be worn daily. Lolita fashion was a street-style, not a lifestyle or a collectible wardrobe. For the most part, people owned fewer items, and most wardrobes had a very cohesive feel – a few blouses, shoes and accessories that could be worn with every main-piece was the norm, not the monstrous collections we see so frequently today.

Over the last decade however, lolita clothing has been viewed as something of a a shared wardrobe among the community members. Garments were valuable in that you could purchase a dress, and due to rarity in the west, you could usually re-sell it for close to it’s original asking price. This meant that for the most part, people were very hesitant to make any major changes, alterations, or even heavily wear a single garment, for fear of the loss of resale value. For many lolitas a well curated wardrobe was seen as something of an investment – if you treated your clothing well and only wore it to meetups or special occasions it could be resold with ease. In a sense it was easy to think of the clothes as “rented out” for a price, since you got so much of your money back at resale.

Unfortunately, this resale trend is about to burst, and except for the rarest of dresses, I don’t believe that we will ever see the steady resale values of the past return. I believe this is due to two primary factors: One, as a community we’ve moved away from valuing quality and personal style to valuing quantity; and two, the market has become so over-saturated with new releases that will likely be almost impossible for the resale market to recover.

Due to these two factors, I have decided to shift my concept of lolita fashion from one that focuses primarily on collecting clothing and participating in trends, to a concept that prioritizes curating a personalized wardrobe meant for primarily daily wear. I want to make sure that I am purchasing pieces that I mean to keep, and that instead of investing in clothing for resale, I’m investing in my personal style.

Define a Capsule Wardrobe for Casual Styles
That being said, as much as I’d love to wear lolita daily again, it isn’t practical for me to do so at this point in my life – a fact that I’ve grudgingly accepted. But, just because I can’t break out the petticoats at work these days, it doesn’t mean that everything I wear should be drab or boring either. What I’d like to do is develop a fun, cute, casual wardrobe that ties in elements from lolita, otome, and larme. This way, I can feel cute and confident in anything that I wear – from a business suit to lounge wear.

Start a Lolita Scrapbook


So, last year I bought this simple, cute planner from Aliexpress, and I was originally going to use it as a schedule and journal. Apparently, as with my blogging, that type of creative practice just isn’t suited to my mindset, and I could rarely keep up with the activity. I’ve since reverted to my habit of carrying a pocket planner, and I’ve decided to re-purpose this little binder into a scrapbook instead.

As far as the actual scrapbooking part, I have a few loosely tied together ideas on how to get started. The first thing I want to do is get a mini photo printer, that will print out instax style snapshots from my cellphone. I like this specific one because you can make sure that the photo is cute before printing, and if you need to crop or alter something you can take care of that too. Basically, it means that you don’t waste any film – and that is important since Instax instant film is expensive!!

The second thing I want to do is create a crafting nook in my home. One of my goals last year was to create a cute and comfortable space for myself to be able to relax, and I was able to achieve that goal with a bit of paint and re-decorating. This year, I’d like to do the same but with a crafting space, so that I feel inspired when I want to work on a project. I have an old white sewing desk that I’m planning to touch up, and then I want to get cute boxes to organize all of my crafting supplies in.

The part of my plan is to host a scrapbooking party with friends, where everyone can bring over a stack of instax and their phone, and start making their own pages. If it goes well, I’d like to host a party like that once every month or so, so that by the end of the year we all have a few new pages of memories added to our scrapbooks.

Do you have any plans laid out to keep you on track with your new years resolutions? Let me know in the comments, or feel free to link to your own blog! If you’re interested in this topic, please check out the other Lolita Blog Carnival participants, I’ll add them as they post in the links below. <3



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