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10 Day Lolita Challenge: 3 Lolita pictures that inspire you


So for today’s 10 day lolita challenge topic, we’ll be discussing the 3 lolita pictures that inspire you the most. As with everything, I’ve made this a touch more complicated than necessary, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading despite that. pink-heart

Artwork by
 Keiichi Kunishige and Yoh

I think that I’ve mentioned this before, but when I started wearing lolita I was initially drawn to the gothic lolita styles that were popular at the time. As such, the first artists that truly inspired me to try the fashion were Keiichi Kunishige and Yoh. Almost all of their subjects have an otherworldly quality to them that suggested while yes, they were cute and delicate, they were also a bit dangerous.

Angelic Pretty Postcard Illustrations (Imai Kira & Maki)

As I learned more about lolita fashion I fell in love with the sweeter styles. These two postcards by Imai Kira (I think?) were two of the first that made me feel that perhaps I could pull off something with pastels. As you can see, both of the subjects are wearing black dresses with pink prints, which wasn’t a radical departure from the all black ensembles I’d worn in the past. These days I still really enjoy (and collect) the postcard illustrations done by Imai Kira and Maki for Angelic Pretty, but I would definitely have to say that out of all of them, these two were the most influential for me as a lolita.

Angelic Pretty Store Snaps


Angelic Pretty Store Snaps are probably some of my favorite design images out there. While I do like little detail shots and perfectly curated coordinate layouts, there is something very alluring about the way AP’s store snaps are presented. The locations are always completely empty and the resolution and size are usually quite small. But despite this, I always feel a bit of sadness and yearning when I remember that such adorable shops don’t exist in most towns, and it can be a complex process to visit one. They are also largely a form of inspiration for me when it comes to home decor, and I’m hoping that perhaps in the future I can live in a cute pastel paradise inspired by these perfectly designed storefronts.

Do you have any illustrations or photographs that inspire you as a lolita? Do you collect any artbooks, postcards, or snaps? Let us know in the comments below!

– Rosie

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