10 Day Lolita Challenge: 10 Facts About Me

10 Days Lolita Challenge is Complete!! Yay! I’m really sorry, this was scheduled to post on Monday but something odd happened and it was saved to the wrong location and never showed up!! Today’s post is to tell the world 10 lolita facts about you! This is a little different from the day 7 challenge, since we aren’t talking about our wardrobe, but more about how our life has been as a lolita!
1. I started wearing lolita fashion in 2006, and being part of my local community has shaped the majority of my years as an adult. Most of the experiences and lessons people learn as they grow up happened to me through my local community, which has been both a source of joy and pain in my life.

2. I bought the original release of Moitie’s Iron Gate in the black x white colorway, and resold it that same year. :| Whhhhhhy.

3. I was once offered a golden magikarp plushie as a partial trade for a dress. I declined.

4. The first meetup I attended was also the first meetup that I hosted. It is pretty difficult for me to remember exactly, but I think that I offered to host a car-pool and ended up driving for hours all over the state to collect people. We ended up being an hour or so late, and I’m pretty sure we all went to see Disney-Pixar’s Wall-e after dinner.

5. During my college years and my first few jobs afterwards I was a daily lolita. I used to wear very casual, toned down coordinates to work and then get dressed a little fancier to go to class in the evenings. What this taught me is that when you wear lolita daily, most people start to think of you as “the weird girl” not as “Rosie” and it becomes difficult to develop close friendships. Sometimes, if I came in to work or class while wearing jeans, people wouldn’t recognize me – usually they just saw the clothing first.

6. I’ve hosted well over 100 meetups, including fashion shows, tea parties, weekend events and even a small lolita convention. I believe (?) that I was lucky enough to be the hostess for Royal Princess Alice’s first American fashion show in 2015. Unfortunately, I’ve had to take a step back from this, as the stress and expectations of hosting has taken a toll on my mental health.

7. Last year I was able to achieve my dream of opening a lolita clothing shop in my local area. Unfortunately due to lack of interest and community drama and it closed after 3 months. I’m hoping to rework my business plan and try again in the future.

8. Most of my best friends today are people that I met through the fashion. I think this might be another common thing for people who participate in the communities, but personally I’ve always struggled with making friends, and lolita fashion has changed that for me. While I still deal with anxiety and depression, I’ve learned a lot of skills for interacting with new people, and that’s helped me in other areas of my life.

9. Lolita Fashion is a source of anxiety and depression for me. I have seen how other people are treated in the fashion, and it is something that gives me a spike of anxiety every time that I post. I’ve also been posted to many of the negative community sites in the past – usually because someone didn’t like a coordinate, or because they had a grudge against me. I’ve also had rumors spread about me within my local community – sometimes by strangers, sometimes by my closest friends. This has lead me to keep my personal life very private, and I’ve become very selective with the company I keep.

10. My experiences in the lolita community have taught me compassion, confidence, and how to take care of myself. Before I started participating in my local community, I would have died if someone told me I’d be on stage modeling for Haenuli or introducing a fashion show to a room full of people. I’ve learned how to deal with stage fright, public speaking, and most importantly – how to effectively communicate and improvise.

So that’s it! I hope the list wasn’t too depressing or anything like that, but I wanted to be honest with my answers! Now that this is complete, is anyone else working on this challenge? If so, let me know in the comments and I’ll add a link down below!

Thanks for reading!
– Rosie


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