This Week in Angelic Pretty: Fantastic Horoscope

This weekend is the release of Angelic Pretty’s Fantastic Horoscope, and thanks to the newest issue of spoon we have some nice scans to talk about. This series will be released Saturday in Japan and appears to be receiving a Make-To-Order at Angelic Pretty Paris, but as usual no word from Angelic Pretty USA as to if they’ll be doing a general release or a MTO. We always get the short end of the stick ! angry-by-me

So, as for the series itself we have an OP and a partially shirred JSK, as well as a veil and barrette. So far there aren’t any matching tights or OTKs, which I am a bit sad about because I think they’d look nice with other series.  As for the main items, my favorite is the OP – I love the open sleeves, the hemline and the overall cut – but from what I can tell it would likely be pretty difficult to alter through the shoulder, since there is a large ruffle there. While I do like the JSK cut, the partial shirring is a bit off-putting for me – If I want to alter something it will be an OP, I just want my JSKs to fit with ease!


The series is also only going to be released in 3 colorways, a trend I hope does not continue throughout the rest of the year. Personally I think the white looks the best – but unfortunately for me I don’t wear white – which means that if I did get something from this series it would likely be the lavender. I do think that compared to the other colors the lavender feels a bit dull, but despite that if the sizing is right, I might bite the bullet and snag this one anyway. The cute animals and soft galaxy theme are right up my alley!

What do you think about this weekends release? Are you planning to pick one up? I was in Tokyo for the release of Eternal Bouquet, and while it is lovely, it isn’t really my style so I didn’t have much else to say. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


One thought on “This Week in Angelic Pretty: Fantastic Horoscope

  1. I must say, while I like the cuts of both the OP and the JSK, I can’t bring myself to like the print. It looks too washed out in the lighter colourways and, ironically, a bit too stark in navy. For such a busy all-over print I would’ve liked the animals to be a little bit more spaced out maybe and either up the contrast on the lighter versions or tone it down a little on the darker one, so that it at least felt consistent across the series. Having said this, I’ve learnt recently that the new stock photos for AP can be pretty terrible and not show the dresses off in the best way possible, so I reserve final judgement until I see more realistic photos, either worn or just a review somewhere. As well as I’m sure that there are incredibly creative people out there who could coordinate it in such a lovely way that it’d change my mind.

    Oh, and AP Paris isn’t doing a Made to Order, it’s just a reservation. They always have a reservation for every new print series that comes out, announced as the release is announced in Japan, but it arrives about 2-3 weeks later, maybe more. I’m sure AP USA will catch up soon on this. :)


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