My Pusheen Birthday Party & Pusheenbox Spring 2018 Opening!


For my birthday this year I hosted a Pusheen themed tea party with my friends! Everyone wore some sort of pusheen themed outfit, and after lunch we went out to the mall to do some pusheen themed shopping!

For my coordinate I chose to wear my Misty Sky JSK from Angelic Pretty and a Dreamholic Wig in honor of the purple spacesheen! It was a tough choice between the galaxy themed kitty or the pusheenosaurus, but I don’t have a ton of green coordinates, so this one won out.


I ended up finding the cute little pusheenosaurus on some socks, and ended up getting some cute stickers and chokers as well. The main item I wanted to get that day was a Pusheen pouchette, and luckily there was one left in stock! I also picked up some opened blindbox sheens at a discount, and a cute coinpurse as well!

As if that weren’t enough pusheens, I eventually decided to treat myself to a pusheenbox subscription for the 2018 year as well. My first one showed up this weekend and I filmed a little live unboxing on facebook, so I decided to share it on youtube!  ( Sorry that it isn’t in landscape, I forgot to turn my camera! dust-by-me )

bow-handmade-by-meDo you love pusheen? I sure do! I’m planning to review the next few pusheen boxes as well, and I’ll post an overall review at the end of the year once I decide if I’m going to renew my subscription! Personally I regret not getting in on the subscription boxes earlier, but I am happy that I decided to join in for 2018!

– Rosie


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