2019 New Years Reflections and Resolutions!

Today is the first day of 2019, meaning this blog is now 4 years old! Before hopping into this year’s lolita goals, I thought it might be nice to take a look at my resolutions for 2018, and see if I was able make headway on any of them at all. The biggest goal in my Wardrobe section was to find a new seamstress, which I was successful with! I also did an alright job of editing my wishlist seasonally – but if we’re honest that is mostly because Angelic Pretty only released a few things I wanted. I did alright with my Lifestyle goals as well – I redefined how I engage with the concept of lolita pretty easily, but I noticed that this lead to me disengaging from my local community in a big way. I also attended and hosted social events with friends, and started working on my scrapbook, but I didn’t get around to attending a single new convention or creating a capsule casual wardrobe. Lastly, my Social Media goals started out strong but were derailed by a really traumatic situation that took awhile to recover from.

Hopefully this year I’ll be able to engage more often, but I suppose we’ll see!

Instead of separating things into three categories this year, I’ve managed to visualize everything fitting into two broader ones. This year I’ll just be talking about my wardrobe & Lifestyle goals. pink-heart

pink-heart WARDROBE GOALS pink-heart

Finish all of My Alterations & Learn to do Easy Alterations on my Own
As I mentioned last year, my previous seamstress closed up shop before we could finish the projects we’d agreed to starting, which left me with a ton of seam-ripped dresses that I couldn’t wear, put back together myself, or sell. Luckily I was able to find a new seamstress who did some absolutely lovely work for me during my wedding, but due to how busy I was during 2018 I didn’t have the opportunity to get everything altered that needed it. This year I want to drag everything down to her office and make sure that each and every item is completed – and I want to learn to do the smaller alterations myself so that I don’t get stuck in such a shitty situation again.

Edit My Wishlist and Wardrobe Seasonally
My second wardrobe goal is to edit both my wishlist and my wardrobe seasonally. I think that this will help me keep in mind what I already own, what styles I’ve outgrown, and what is missing. I also enjoyed keeping the seasonal items separate from the all-weather items, but I think that I’d like to get better at rotating things out during the seasons they’re meant for – but practically I think that means I need to get back in the habit of  wearing lolita more often again as well.

Try More Taobao & Indie Brands to create a Casual Wear Capsule Wardrobe
One of my Wardrobe goals is to create a casual wear capsule wardrobe – and while I’ve got a nice start with some pieces from Listen Flavor, Emily Temple Cute and Leur Getter, it is hard for me to consistently purchase from these brands due to the steep price tag. While second hand is always an option, it can be difficult to find the more desirable pieces at a reasonable price, but recently I’ve discovered quite a few Taobao brands that appear to be producing garments of a similar style and quality for a fraction of the cost. This year I’d really like to re-evaluate the pieces I already have and start supplementing them with complimentary items from Taobao or other indie brands.

pink-heart LIFESTYLE GOALS pink-heart

Finish Decorating my House
About a year ago I was able to redecorate my bedroom to be a cute and quiet space, but this year I’d like to really make over my entire living space. After our wedding we received so many lovely gifts that perfectly suit my aesthetic, so I’d like to curate a home that is just as cute and relaxing. I’m planning to try the KonMari method for this overhaul, as I’ve read her books and used her method on my lolita wardrobe in the past.

Start Hosting a Monthly Craft Night
Last year I finally got started on my lolita scrapbook, and after getting married I’ve got another scrapbook to fill. I’d also like a dedicated time to practice my embroidery and to work on drawing, so I’d like to start hosting a monthly craft night – even if I’m the only one in attendance.

Reconnect with my Local Community
When I decided last year to take a break from my local community and host specifically for friends, I was feeling a bit depressed about the closure of the store I’d curated and a bit burnt out by event hosting. I also knew that in the upcoming year I’d be doing a lot of wedding planning, and one of my close friends had forbade me to host anything bigger than a tea party while that was going on. At about the same time something really traumatic happened to me, and it was incredibly difficult to separate out that trauma from the community at large, so I decided to withdraw from my local community almost entirely. The time off gave me the space and opportunity to think about how I relate to being a hostess and the pressures of being a moderator – but now that things have settled down in my personal life, I feel ready to start over again and reconnect. 

Attend New Conventions
This was one of my resolutions last year, but I was genuinely too busy to attend a single new convention. This year I’d like to attend at least one tabletop gaming convention, as well as some that deal with crafting, small business practices, or social justice activism.  With the drama surrounding Street Fashion Europe’s summer event and the closures of the Tea Party Club and Rufflecon, I’ve been wondering a lot about the state of the western lolita community’s convention scene – but if it is possible I’d like to become involved (as an attendee at least) with this type of event as well.

Figure out a Low Maintenance Daily Hairstyle. 
Right now my hair is pretty short, but it is also very curly and I’d like to figure out a way to style it to suit a cute casual wardrobe that doesn’t use a lot of heat, or isn’t just slicked back into a pony-tail. I’ve already scheduled an appointment with my hairstylist for the end of the month, so hopefully I can check this one off early in the year.

Wear Lolita at Least Twice a Month and for Major Holidays & Events
Last year I wore lolita occasionally, and I got into the habit of wearing cute casual clothing around the house or out with friends relatively often. This year I’d like to continue on that track, but I’d like to wear lolita at least twice a month, and I’d like to make sure I have a good outfit for holidays and other social events where the clothing would be appropriate.


Despite having a smidge of trouble at the start of the 2018, I can say truthfully that it was a good year for me and I’m grateful. For the first time in a long time I felt unburdened and free to grow in a way that allowed me to make big strides in accomplishing my larger life goals.

Do you have any resolutions for the new year? Were you able keep up with, or accomplish any of your 2018 goals? Let me know in the comments below, and feel free to link to any of your resolutions or reflections!

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “2019 New Years Reflections and Resolutions!

  1. Are you not interested at all in attending Paradiso? It seems like a great event and a strong contender for a Rufflecon/TPC events replacement. Best of luck with your goals for 2019, especially those alterations!


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