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Around My Wardrobe in 30 Coordinates: Your Signature Look

I’ve never been great at keeping up with coordinate challenges or prompted essays, but after seeing Cupcake Kamisama’s flat-lay posts for the Around your Wardrobe in 30 Coordinates challenge by Roli’s Ramblings, I thought I’d give it a go! I really enjoy all of the prompts, and since there isn’t a time-limit for completion, I feel less intimidated starting it!

bunny-made-by-me My Signature Style bunny-made-by-me


I think that over time it is natural for your style to evolve, and over the last few years I’ve definitely shifted from intricately detailed OTT coordinates, to a softer, casual look.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with rectangular headdresses paired with ribbon hair combs and clips, as well as this wig that I’ve styled into twin-tails. I think I’ve worn some variation of this combination for almost every coordinate this year. Right now my hair is still quite short, so I feel having the wig to balance out the volume of my clothes helps a lot, but the loose flow of the twin-tails helps maintain a softer look than the hair falls I’ve used in the past.


All of my favorite dresses are high-waisted – I feel like this cut and style is the most flattering on plus-sized lolitas. Since I do tend to re-wear my favorite coordinates, I just change out the blouse, socks or small accessories when I want variety. I don’t like to spend a lot of time fiddling with my coordinates before a meetup – quite the creature of habit if I may say so.

Almost all of my blouses are quarter sleeves, and I usually wear them with a wristcuff set that matches my blouse, not my dress. I like this combination because it hides my chubby upper arms and narrows my broad shoulders, but has a similar feel to the cute puff sleeve blouses I have always been so envious of. I’ve also accepted that the older I get, the less patience I have for being hot, so I’ve begrudgingly increased my ankle-sock collection.


For winter weather I return to my OTK + tea party combination – I very rarely wear heels for any reason. At this moment I only own one long sleeved blouse and much like my regular quarter sleeve blouses, it’s made from chiffon, so I am much more likely to layer cardigans and jackets than I am to switch to long sleeves. That said, I recently purchased Angelic Pretty’s Gingham Check Ribbon Cutsew OP, and it is so roomy that I’m hoping to be able to wear it as a coat this winter! I guess we’ll see!

One other notable change is that I rarely carry ‘true’ purses or bags anymore. Occasionally I might use a character themed one (Ditto, Pusheen, or one of the Duffy Characters) but more often than not I’ve been carrying a one of my pillow-styled tote bags instead. I find that these hold a lot more, are good for going shopping, and they take up almost no space in your luggage if you’re travelling.


As far as accessories go, I really enjoy adding in cute buttons and enamel pins along the collar or neckline of my outfit. I occasionally use these in itabags as well, I really like how these little trinkets can add a personal touch. I’m also quite fond of deco nail chips, they come pre-decorated and all you have to do is glue them on after you get dressed. I’ve never been one for spending a lot of money on a proper manicure, and I always smudge the polish when I do it myself, so these are a reusable option that work really well for tea parties.


I’ve also spent a lot of time hand making accessories to match special event coordinates, but I usually only make them for a fashion show or tea party since they can take days to complete. Many of these embroidered pieces double as bag covers or apron bibs, and when they’re not being used I hang them as decorations in my room. In the future I’d like to get better at sewing so I can make more of my own accessories! bunny-made-by-me

Now that you’ve learned a bit about my signature style, why not tell me about yours? Or, if you need more inspiration, take a moment to see how Cupcake Kamisama answered this prompt!

Thanks for reading!
– Rosie

One thought on “Around My Wardrobe in 30 Coordinates: Your Signature Look

  1. Yay, I’m glad to see the challenge is catching on! The fact that it has no time limit is precisely what attracted me to it – I don’t like the pressure of “X Days Challenge” or “X Days of Whatever”. This is too much work to commit to something that should be fun.
    I love your approach to tackling this particular prompt. A signature style is something that should come across in many outfits, so it was great to notice the various elements in side by side comparisons of different coords. I have definitely noticed these things as signature pieces to you, even if on the spot I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint the exact elements (like the 3/4 sleeves for example). I look forward to how you’ll tackle the rest of the challenge, best of luck with it!

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