About the Program

Hello, and welcome to the Lolita Fashion Academy. This content has been created as a how-to guide for people who are interested in learning more about Lolita Fashion, and to provide resources for community moderators who need a 101 space for newbies to engage with.

For Lolita Fashion Newbies: This is an online program, meaning that you are able to set the pace for your learning. There are no quizzes or exams. You can feel free to ask questions in the comment section below, and I’ll do my best to reply as soon as possible. We also have a facebook page, where new lolitas can ask questions and have them answered in real-time, as well as receive one on one advice from our mentors. Please remember that this is a space for learning and growth, so be kind to one another.

For Community Moderators, Mentors, or other experienced Lolitas. While most of this content is geared towards newbies, there is also information in later units about garment care, community etiquette, tea parties, meetup hosting and vacationing that you may find helpful. All of this content is free to use for educating newbies in your own communities, but please read & follow the Usage Policy carefully as there are some restrictions. Please be sure to give credit where it is due, and remember – for profit use is not allowed without permission of the author.