♥ Hello Sweetheart ♥

Hi there!! My name is Rosie Darling, and I’m the writer of STAR♥DUST.  This is my personal blog about lolita fashion, lifestyle and other cute adventures! I like cute things, pocket pets, and horror movies, and I spend my spare time hosting lolita events and designing prints for a small indie lolita company!

Let’s be friends, OK? tumblr_m4i7wqEwNh1qdlkyg

tumblr_m3wegwfQdk1qdlkyg My Lookbook tumblr_m3wegwfQdk1qdlkyg

   tumblr_inline_mfnhmnoHlE1qdlkyg 365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge tumblr_inline_mfnhmnoHlE1qdlkyg

 tumblr_m3weh0xXXp1qdlkyg Lolita Blog Carnival tumblr_m3weh0xXXp1qdlkyg


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